Dems Support Bush Tax Cuts?

Democrats Won't Cut War Funding and Will Not Roll Back Bush Tax Cuts

The Democratic Party will be putting out their 2008 Budget today; a budget which might have the fringe elements of their party, up in arms.

USA Today) Senate Democrats will unveil a 2008 budget today that would boost spending for uninsured children, students and veterans without cutting funds for defense or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The budget also would not roll back any of President Bush's tax cuts after 2010, when they are set to expire. It says the tax cuts can be extended if they are paid for.

But is this an endorsement of the fact that this economy has done very well and the Bush tax cuts have worked to bring us out of a recession and the devastating economic impact this country sustained from the attack on 9/11? Or is it merely political posturing for 2008? All I can say is: either way, the anti-war left won’t be very happy considering they voted for “change”.

In fact, the budget is most notable for what it would not do, despite Democrats' attacks: reduce Bush's war spending or tax cuts. Senate Democrats do not want to be seen as hurting troops or taxpayers.

They’re either very smart or incredibly stupid. Given their recent history I’ll let you decide which one is more likely.