House Passes Timetable for Withdrawal

The Democrats got their little timetable Bill passed in the House and they seem very proud to be on their high horse of hypocrisy! -I was trying for the past few months to lighten up on these sorry excuses of Americans because I felt this country owed them at least some leeway after the 2006 election. But no more!

I have literally become disgusted with how far this current majority of congress has gone in its efforts to stab this president, and the troops he commands, in the back. The bill has little chance of making it through the senate and will definitely be vetoed by the President of the United States.

Given that, we can only conclude that the Democratic Party is holding up vital war funds to placate their insane liberal base. Their treacherous conduct truly knows no bounds and I’m sick of having to look at Nancy Pelosi wave her little gavel around, with her botoxed smile, as if she represents honor and the country of America! She represents nothing of the sort! She and her ilk represent weakness and represent everything wrong with this country! She and her minions of retarded nutroots can all go to hell!

From slandering the military to effectively assisting Al Qaeda by disclosing intelligence, to the supporting and sympathizing with people like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the democrats have been more consistently on the side of our enemies than any other fascist or radical group on this earth.

Finally, The president laid into the Dems earlier this afternoon... you can see that video here. But to remind these assholes: They voted for this war! They supported this war! They pushed for this war! And yet continue to pretend as if they somehow bear no responsibility for it and they continue to aid and comfort the enemy!