Libby Found Guilty... Who Cares?

Frankly, I no longer really care about Scooter Libby or Valerie Plame or the whole not-so-scandalous scandal. When compared to let's say, stuffing secret documents down your pants to hide evidence from the 9/11 commission or outing secret intelligence like the NYT and Washington Post, this rates about a “nothing” on my scale.

So he was found guilty of perjury... so what? Last time I checked, being found guilty of lying under oath was no big deal to the Democratic Party. In fact, it made a certain former president a rock star. So why don’t we cut the BS and go on about our day.

In more important news: This morning, while I was rushing to class, I was stuck behind one of those gaywad Toyota Priuses driving one of those queer ass tree-huggers going about 30 MPH on a street for which the speed limit is 45. Needless to say, I was somewhat late.

I’m glad you morons think you're saving the world one dorky looking car at a time. Just get the hell out of my way while you're doing it.