Man To Be Executed For Overpricing

Is this what the far-left means when they say China is coming around?

Washington Post) To hear Chinese authorities tell it, Wang Zhendong is a danger to society, the worst kind of person, one who took advantage of his fellow citizens' naivete and trust. Last month, a court here gave him the death penalty for his crimes. - Wang's misdeed: selling overpriced ant farms to the public.

Hey, killed for overpricing some ant farms. That must be some of the human rights that got China elected to the Human Rights Council at the United Nations. Or maybe it was those Execution Buses?

I don't know but any way you look at it, this type of behavior and the lack of outrage it gathers from some people is very telling. It shows the extent to which the Left is willing to go to ignore outrages atrocities from enemies of the United States in order to focus on denouncing their own country. Innocent people being tortured and executed in countries like China and North Korea is no big deal to them... but terrorists, having to listen to loud music is completely abhorrent and thus requires the comparisons to Nazi Germany.

And to think, China is their last hope to counter the evil global power of the United States.