NYT: Doing All We Can for Al Qaeda

With so much going on in the world who can forget about those poor terrorists and their nonexistent constitutional rights? Certainly not the New York Times. The Terrorists' well-being is their numero uno priority. So they've come up with a must-do list; a list, of course, that is based upon false assertions.

It's the list of things we (evil Bush) need to do for those brave freedom fighters who are in our custody. -I will point out how ridiculous each is as we move along because some lefties might not understand what's wrong with the Times's assertions... so bear with me:
"The Must-Do List"

1) Restore Habeas Corpus
One of the new act’s most indecent provisions denies anyone Mr. Bush labels an “illegal enemy combatant” the ancient right to challenge his imprisonment in court... Senator Leahy of Vermont, has a worthy bill that would restore habeas corpus. It is essential to bringing integrity to the detention system and reviving the United States’ credibility. (The implication is that President Bush labels innocent people “illegal enemy combatant” for no reason other than he just feels like it)

2) Stop Illegal Spying
Mr. Bush’s program of intercepting Americans’ international calls and e-mail messages without a warrant has not ceased... Congress needs to pass a measure, like one proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein, to force Mr. Bush to obey the law (It hasn’t ceased because A) it works and B) it’s not “illegal”)

3) Ban Torture, Really
The provisions in the Military Commissions Act that Senator McCain trumpeted as a ban on torture are hardly that. It is still largely up to the president to decide what constitutes torture and abuse for the purpose of prosecuting anyone who breaks the rules... (it’s up to the President to decide? It’s as if this Bush guy is some kind of policy maker)

4) Close CIA prisons
When the Military Commissions Act passed, Mr. Bush triumphantly announced that he now had the power to keep the secret prisons open. He cast this as a great victory for national security. It was a defeat for America’s image around the world. (A defeat for our image, eh? Well, get me a mirror so I can fix my hair... oh, wait a minute. My fuckin’ head has been cut off)

5) Account for Ghost Prisoners.
The United States has to come clean on all of the “ghost prisoners” it has in the secret camps.(See HRW Whines over Disappeared Terrorists)

6) Ban Tainted Evidence
The Military Commissions Act and the regulations drawn up by the Pentagon to put it into action, are far too permissive on evidence obtained through physical abuse or coercion. This evidence is unreliable. (Wrong! The evidence has saved thousands of American lives; you were just too busy outing Intel secrets to notice)

In other words, the NYT is saying that we should do everything we can to no longer practice covert intelligence effectively while undermining the President’s authority and giving terrorists constitutional protections. Alright, I think we’ll get right on it!