Republican For Harold Ford Jr.

I recently wrote an article called “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?”, which expressed my displeasure with the lack of Republican leadership and the lack of viable presidential candidates (absent of Condi Rice). In the piece I said I would vote for the first person, democrat or republican, who would provide this country with real leadership. Well, I think I found that man... and he is a Democrat.

Mr. Harold Ford Jr. is the complete package and he most definitely has the ability to lead this country with the strength of Bush’s first term and the calculative positioning of the Clinton administration. He is someone who understands the war on terror but will take the time to make the correct decisions in terms of foreign policy; decisions, which President Bush has proved (with the disaster in Iraq), need long and in-depth contemplative reasoning.

He was a member of the
Blue Dog Coalition in the House of Representatives and according to many sources he urged his fellow Democrats to be more supportive of the war in Iraq. And for my friends on the far-right, you might be interested to know that he supports a federal amendment to ban gay marriage and was even against providing same-sex couples similar benefits as married couples. Although, he is in favor of the pipe-dream known as universal healthcare and he’s not too big on the death penalty.

Obviously those stances don’t mean very much to me because honest disagreements about complicated issues is something I’m not opposed to. However, he and I are in agreement on one of the most important issues in my mind; and that happens to be partial-birth abortion. He voted to ban such medical procedures unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who both support this barbaric and inhumane practice.

But more importantly, I see leadership in him. I see what I don’t see in any other Democrat running for president. And for that matter, any Republican running for the top spot. I encourage every American who cares for his country to look into the background of Harold Ford Jr. and decide what type of man or woman we want running this country. It would be nice If the Democrats nominated Ford for the Presidency of the United States. Unfortunately, I see no attempt or inclination, on his part, to run for president nor do I believe the DNC has the intellectual capacity to choose a proper nominee.

So, we might be stuck with the same ole same ole. But, there’s always hope.