Woman Sues Over Botched Abortion

What happens when your selfishness brings you to destroy your own growing daughter's life and then those damn doctors fail to flush that little bitch down the toilet? Well, you don’t give the nuisance up for adoption, you sue planned parenthood and the doctors for child-bearing costs.

Boston.Com) A Boston woman who gave birth after a failed abortion has filed a lawsuit against two doctors and Planned Parenthood seeking the costs of raising her child.

The complaint was filed by Jennifer Raper, 45, last week in Suffolk Superior Court... Raper claimed that she found out she was pregnant in March 2004 and decided to have an abortion for financial reasons.

a physician working for Planned Parenthood at the time, performed the procedure on April 9, 2004, but it "was not done properly, causing the plaintiff to remain pregnant". Raper then went to see Dr. Benjamin Eleonu at Boston Medical Center in July 2004, and he failed to detect the pregnancy...

Raper alleges in the suit that Planned Parenthood and Bryant were negligent for failing to end her pregnancy and that Eleonu was negligent for failing to see she was still pregnant.

How dare these doctors fail to kill, terminate, scramble the brain of her beautiful daughter... it’s just unacceptable in this world of compassion and love, isn’t it? Because now she’s expected to actually bear the responsibility of her actions.

My question is: why sue for child-bearing costs when you can put your child up for adoption? Instead of resenting your little girl for ruining your life, just give her to a family that would give anything to be able to have kids. To a family that would consider the option of giving birth or flushing a growing life down the shitter, an insult. Well, I guess the likelihood of scoring it big with a lawsuit is all the incentive needed to raise your own child... too bad life itself isn't.

My next question is: how will the daughter react when she finds out her mommy tried to kill her and when it failed, sued over the fact that she's not dead?