X-Files 2: The Truth Is Out There

The greatest show in the history of shows is once again coming back to the big screen. At least that’s what I want to believe:

Entertainment Weekly) It's been nine years since the first ''X-Files'' movie, but Gillian Anderson's manager says that once a pending legal matter clears up, the only thing in the way of a sequel is ''the delivery of a great script''

Nothing about The X-Files is ever straightforward, but it seems quite possible that the long-awaited sequel to the X-Files movie could get back in production some time soon.

The story dates back to last June, five years after the Fox show went off the air and nine years since the release of the first X-Files movie, when series exec producer Frank Spotnitz told EW that most of the plot to a big-screen sequel had been ''worked out.'' Then, in September, David Duchovny reportedly confirmed that he, Gillian Anderson, and creator Chris Carter were all willing to do a second movie but that some legal issues...

For those of you, like myself, who’ve had their hopes dashed by previous exclamations of an upcoming sequel, have a little bit more to look forward to. David Duchovny has confirmed everything is set to start X-Files 2 and has even pushed the idea of a third movie if the second does well; which it will

Some obvious questions have to do with the characters of Agent Dogett and Monica Reyes who came along towards the end of the series. As well as just where the film will pick up in terms of past storylines.

But no matter where the plot takes us or which characters are brought back... when it comes to the X-Files and Chris Carter, it hardly disappoints