Hillary Wants to Go Timecop on Bush

What happens when you’re all out of ideas and you have to do something to impress your semi-retarded political base? Well, you bash President Bush and bring up a speech in which a background banner read “Mission Accomplished”, of course.

Associated Press) Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton denounced President Bush on Saturday for his "Mission Accomplished" speech and said his conduct of the Iraq war was "one of the darkest blots on leadership we've ever had."

Addressing delegates at the California State Democratic Party convention, Clinton said that if elected president in 2008, she would end the war. The New York senator also promised to "treat all Americans with dignity and equality no matter who you are and who you love."

One of the darkest blots we’ve ever had, huh? Unlike the white blots of “leadership” Billy Boy left all over miss piggy’s blue dress? -I mean, it’s not like Al Qaeda had already attacked this country and our interests several times and was growing in strength while planning 9/11... Lucky for us we had those white blots of leadership during that time.

But wait... I haven’t even gotten to the best part:

"Somebody said to me that he wished we could just rewind the 21st century and just eliminate the Bush-Cheney administration, with all their mistakes and misjudgments," she said to cheers. "People are ready for leaders who understand it is our votes who put them in power, our tax dollars that pay the bills."

Uh, did she just endorse the elimination of the Bush Administration by a time-traveling assassin? And even more ridiculous: did she just insinuate she’s some sort of "leader"? -This is coming from a woman who has more phony accents than a Hyundai car lot in Mexico... so take from it what you will.

Holy Shit I’m Shocked!

Dems fault Bush over Iraq in 1st debate:

ORANGEBURG, S.C. - Democratic presidential hopefuls flashed their anti-war credentials Thursday night, heaping criticism on President Bush’s Iraq policy in the first debate of the 2008 campaign...

I didn’t actually watch the “debate”. I was busy counting the blades of grass on my front lawn. But I did sleep in a Holiday Inn express last night... so I just figured the Democratic presidential candidates would blame Bush. And hey, what do ya know.

My favorite quote, posted by the AP article, is from my very own governor. Because when it comes to combating terrorists who use children to
bypass checkpoints in order to kill innocent people with IEDs, sipping tea and eating crumpets is, by far, the best way to deal with such individuals: "The first day I would get us out of Iraq by diplomacy," said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, one of eight rivals on the debate stage.

Oh, by diplomacy? Well, I would get us out of Iraq with cute hair styles, nice shoes, and matching belts... so there.

And Then, She Was Subpoenaed

This Again?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Democratic lawmakers voted on Wednesday to subpoena Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to testify about administration justifications for the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

I don’t know if some of these Democrats know this, but we’re already in Iraq. More importantly, bipartisan investigations have already been done and conclusions have been made. All of which have indicated that the Bush Administration did not lie or mislead the public.

If anyone misled the public it’s the damn backstabbing Democrats who voted for this war as if they actually planned to follow through.

I’m Beginning to Seriously Hate Bill O’Reilly

Okay, I shouldn’t say, ‘beginning’ because when I was a dumb democrat in High School, I used to hate Bill O with a passion. I even sent him hate email from time to time. Just his freakin’ face pissed me off. But I grew out of that hatred while growing out of the naivete that embodied my former Democratic self.

However, over the past 5 months, he and his big head have been getting under my skin. What set me off (this time) was after that climbing accident on Mount Hood; where the climbers went missing and it was ultimately determined they fell down some type of ice cave. After that accident Bill, in his infinite wisdom, went on a mini-crusade to ban climbers from trekking mountains that he thinks are dangerous. -I couldn’t believe it! I honestly think, that he thinks, he’s the messiah himself.

That’s not to say he hasn’t done some good things because he has been instrumental in passing Jessica’s Law in various states and he has, in a way, led the charge against the leftist media machine. Currently, he’s ‘exposing’ how the mainstream media receives its talking points from far-left sites and how these groups own candidates like John Edwards. I use “expose” lightly, because I, as well as many other bloggers, have been pointing out how the operation works for years.

But despite his good work in some areas, his overbearing style and constant interruptions of other people’s points cannot be ignored. -The other day a guest was on, talking about some issue (I can’t remember which), and Bill kept cutting him off right before he was able to make a point. And at the end of the segment when Bill told the man “Thanks for coming” the guy quicky responded, Thanks for letting me listen. -I laughed. Bill never shut his fat mouth... sometimes I wonder why he even books people in the first place?

What sealed the deal for me is his constant interruptions of the awesomely beautiful Kirsten Powers. Whenever she’s on with Michelle Malkin, Papa Bear O’Reilly hardly ever interrupts her but cuts off Kirsten every few seconds. I can’t stand it. His show is starting to remind me of “Crossfire” on CNN. -Just people yelling crap without ever getting to the root of the debate. Enough is enough, Billy boy. You’re not that great.

So Here’s a Big, Fuck You!

Reid Calls For Surrender; Marine Calls Him Douche

Excuse the lack of posts, lately... I’m just getting back in the swing of things. But it looks like Harry Reid is still up to his same old tricks, huh? -Making pronouncements of surrender to undermine the troops and embolden America’s enemies.

However, today
Drudge linked an email from a Marine in Ramadi, directed at Harry Reid, that contradicted the majority leader’s assertions about the war being 'lost'. The email, in part, read:

yeah and I got a qoute for that douche harry reid. these families need us here. obviously he has never been in iraq. or atleast the area worth seeing. the parts where insurgency is rampant and the buildings are blown to pieces. we need to stay here and help rebuild. if iraq didnt want us here then why do we have IP’s voluntering everyday to rebuild their cities. and working directly with us too. same with the IA’s. it sucks that iraqi’s have more patriotism for a country that has turned to complete shit more than the people in america who drink starbucks everyday. we could leave this place and say we are sorry to the terrorists. and then we could wait for 3,000 more american civilians to die before we say “hey thats not nice” again. and the sad thing is after we WIN this war. people like him will say he was there for us the whole time.
Unfortunately, for the Marine in Iraq, Harry Reid neither cares about, nor wants, his mission to succeed. In fact, Reid likely carries disdain in his heart for Marines who are so enthusiastic about their role in Ramadi.

The nutroots have been working ‘round the clock to become the puppet masters of the once great Democratic Party. Unfortunately, for them and the entire country, the well-financed leftist movement has successfully penetrated the rationale of the Party. Reid and his fellow "douches" have wanted the United States to fail in Iraq for about two years now. And just because they're efforts to undermine this war have paid off, it doesn't mean that just because our initial goals have ultimately failed, they have the credibility to make such grand pronouncements. Let’s recap and see if we can gauge just what the Democrats represent:

Some Recaps:
-The left wanted the troops slandered in the hopes it would undermine our nation’s credibility and weaken our foreign policy. --enter Dick Durbin, John Kerry, and John Murtha.

-The left wanted leading Democrats to make this war “George Bush’s war”, not the war that Democrats pushed for and voted for. --Enter every Dem candidate (minus Lieberman) in the 04 and 06 elections

-The left wanted leading Dems to kibosh the legitimate Supreme Court Nominees by slandering their character and ignoring their qualifications. --Enter Teddy Kennedy, Reid, and Fienstien.

-The left demanded their ponies back out of every debate hosted by Fox News -- Exit Edwards, Obama and Clinton

-The surrendermonkey left continues to demand we pull out of Iraq and leave the country to Iran and Al Qaeda. --Enter every lying Democrat in office; culminating with
Dirty Harry announcing to every US enemy that when everything is on the line, the US, under their leadership, runs away.

The Bourne Ultimatum

There are only a handful of great trilogies out there but if the first two Bourne films are any indicator, we will be seeing the rap up on one of the greatest ever.

The Fast pace and incredible hand to hand fight scenes are unmatched by any other film and are now being copied by the likes of Bond and just recently, the Shooter. But no matter who mimics the realism of the Bourne films, none will ever compare in terms of quality.

First Teaser trailer

I understand some people didn’t like the camera work and editing in the second film but to me, the rapid movement was perfectly fitting. And in all, if the Bourne Ultimatum is as good as the Bourne Supremacy, then I’m ready to call this, not only one of the best, but the best trilogy ever created. It comes out August 3rd. Don’t miss it.

Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban

***Warning. Post contains graphic photo***
In a stunning victory for life in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled today that the partial birth abortion ban, which the president signed into law in 2003, is not unconstitutional. Finally, the barbarity of this procedure is no longer legal.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court's conservative majority handed anti-abortion forces a major victory Wednesday in a decision that bans a controversial abortion procedure and set the stage for further restrictions.

For the first time since the court established a woman's right to an abortion in 1973, the justices upheld a nationwide ban on a specific abortion method, labeled partial-birth abortion by its opponents.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both supported partial birth abortion in the past and now have expressed their displeasure with the SC ruling. They have called it an 'erosion' of our constitutional rights and have labeled the decision a “dramatic departure from decades of rulings that upheld a woman’s right to choose”. Of course, in terms of late-term abortion, that argument is nonsense. Below, is what this argument is about... you sick bastards:

The crushing and dismembering of the most innocent of lives is what people like Hillary and Obama are defending; not the right to choose. If you support this procedure, then you have nothing to say about casualties of war or gun control. Your self-righteous moral authority amounts to a dead baby lying on a table with its brain scrambled and its head cut off.

The VT Massacre

In dormitories and in classrooms, the students and faculty of Virginia Tech were reawakened to the savagery of life and I’m sorry to say that some of them were not able to cope with such an awakening.

32 people are dead today after a gunman took the school hostage in a campaign of terror and deadliness. The gunman had the foresight to chain-lock the doors in his target areas so that his rage would be satisfied. And it must have been with dozens killed and many others injured.

Details of the incident are quickly emerging but one angle is not being covered. An angle I will cover here: Why are these people dead? Because of a crazed gunman? -Partly. They’re dead because they hadn’t the means to defend themselves. They’re dead because people in this country are willing to comfort themselves in the belief that in their time of need, someone will be there to help. Someone will save them from the part of society we all avoid thinking about. But the truth is, no one will save you.

You, and only you, will be there. The police won’t get there until after your blood has soaked the halls of your death! You will be alone! If you are not willing to defend yourself and carry the means to defend yourself in times such as these, don’t be surprised if you’re lying on the floor in a pool of blood, wondering what happened and how you got there.

I carry my Smith and Wesson MP .40 everywhere I go... and that includes campus. Obviously, firearms are not allowed on any university but as you can see, with 32 people dead, when it comes down to it, the rules do not apply. I am willing to risk being caught with a firearm because I understand what happens when you rely on imaginary heroes to protect your life.

You have a right to live, you have a right to protect yourself, and you have the right to bear arms... and unless the university ensures my safety (which they can’t), I will take my constitutional rights deadly serious. 32 people are dead. No one was there to defend them. No one will be there to defend you

The Fatman Cometh

Stunning news: Michael Moore is a big fat socialist weasel who has a new movie coming out (exciting, huh?).

"Sicko” is what his new film is called (if you care. ‘cause I sure as hell don’t). But the NY Post seems to care about what they’re labeling “Moore’s ‘Sicko’ Stunt”. A stunt in which he uses the heartbreaking illness of 9/11 rescue workers to shill for his best pal, Fidel Castro. A stunt you can read about
here while I get to my point.

This will be the last time I ever post about Michael Moore. Frankly, I don’t know why I ever did in the first place. In order for me to care about him or his politics I would have to consider his opinions at least, somewhat legitimate. Obviously, they are not legitimate or even worthy of my criticism. But I feel compelled to mention this because I’m tired of having to read about him.

So, the point: Many bloggers are going to feel the need to write about the fatman in the coming months. The reason: because when he starts promoting his film, his chins are gonna be in everyone’s face for like two solid months. He’ll be everywhere from Leno to Letterman and to even Conan O’Brein (I hope not because I don’t want to miss the show that night). Anyway, this is simply a plea, to anyone who is listening, to not waste your time, or my time, or anyone’s time by posting a blog about Michael Moore.

Please, no more! I don’t care. No one cares. And I don’t feel like going through another cycle of Michael Moore blogging. Now I’m going back to my beer.

Biden Calls For War on Muslims

Yesterday, Joseph Biden, called for US Forces to be sent into the Darfur region in order to stop the bloodshed and violence. He labeled his idea for military intervention a ‘moral imperative’ which he would use to ‘stop the bleeding’. Whatever that means.

DelawareOnline) Delaware's Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a Democratic presidential candidate, called Wednesday for the use of military force to end the suffering in Darfur.

"I would use American force now," Biden said at a hearing before his committee. "I think it's time to put force on the table and use it... Let's stop the bleeding," Biden said. "I think it's a moral imperative."

Obviously, I agree that the only way to curb the genocide in Darfur is by military intervention but I think Biden’s moral imperative gauge is a little off. Because if it’s a moral imperative to use our military to stop the genocide in Darfur, then that must mean it was a moral imperative to stop the genocide in Iraq under Saddam. It would also mean that we stay in Iraq until we can disengage without leaving a bloody sectarian war. Unless, of course, Biden’s morality is weighted to expedite his political aspirations.

And yeah, I’m sure Biden is for the troop incursion now but if Al Qaeda forces move in and start killing people he’ll pretend as if he never wanted to send them in, or that he was somehow tricked by the magical Bush mind-bullets.

Jay Leno Slams Timid Democrats

Leno to Dems: How Are You Gonna to Stand Up to Terrorists, When You’re Afraid of Fox News?

Last night on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno made an interesting observation concerning the recent Fox News debates and the Democrats who ran scared from them. An observation that damn it, I wish I thought of. -
H/T Ian @ Hot Air-

Update: I uploaded the vid to YouTube

Setup and Punch line:

Jay Leno: Well, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards as well as a number of other Democratic candidates say they will not participate in a presidential debate next month because the debate is on Fox News and Fox News is biased. Well, how are you going to stand up to terrorists when you’re afraid of Fox News? [audience laughter]

Nappy Headed Hos Want to Meet Imus

With the story hitting critical mass I thought I best jump in to defend our constitutional right to say Nappy Headed Ho and anything else we damn well please. Words like: Hos, Bitches, Sluts, Fags, Chinks, Spics, Niggers, Crackers, and of course, Nappy Headed mannish-looking lesbos on the Rutgers’s women’s basketball team. There, I said it. I must be an evil bigot... err! No!

I’m not offended by Imus’s comments… they were funny.

Nappy Headed Hos is undeniably funny. and for those who can’t stomach it, I feel sorry. I can’t bring myself to feign outrage over matters of racial humor.

It was funny. He shouldn’t have to apologize. And we all laughed when we heard it.

I wrote the above comment at Hot Air and needless to say, some of the killjoys over there weren’t too happy. I wasn’t even allowed to respond to the commenters that replied... I was censored. I do understand the moderators at the site want to keep the discussion away from certain levels but it pisses me off when the authors delve into this subject matter and don’t have the balls to allow me to tell it like it is.

In response to my above comment, Jaibones (another commenter) had this to say:
You have a warped sense of humor. I despise racial pc crap, but “nappy headed hos” is nothing but a racist epithet. Might as well have said “niggers”; what’s the difference? Would you laugh at Imus referring to a college team of women’s basketball players as “niggers”?

I thought that was a fair point; although it was a ridiculous premise. So I wrote back (the comment was never allowed to air). -It’s paraphrased because I can’t remember the exact wording:

I’m sure I don’t have to explain the difference between ‘niggers’ and 'nappy headed hos’ just like I don’t have to explain to you the difference between a woman and a ‘bitch’. But to answer your question. Yes, if Imus used the word 'nigger' and it was funny... I would laugh. Which reminds me of a shirt idea I once posted:

Camel Jockey.......................... They all look the same to me.

It’s about equal opportunity humor. Lighten up, people.

So forgive me if I save my outrage for something important. It’s not like I don’t understand racism exists; I’m a minority. But everyone needs to ease up on Don Imus because what he said was absolutely hilarious and he has every right to say such things. If you can’t handle it, then I suggest you do yourself a favor and end your life. Because if Nappy Headed Hos is a line you don’t dare cross, then this world will eat you alive.

Update, via Drudge: Imus Hits Back Asking, “When is Al Sharpton going to apologize to the Duke Players?” Which begs the question: which is worse? Slandering young students by calling them rapists or using the phrase that Don Imus used? Or how ‘bout exploiting racial tensions for finanical and political gain...? is that worse?

B.O. Backs Out of Fox Debate

Yes, Barack’s initials are the same as Body Odor but this post is not about Obama and his fleeing from Fox News. It’s about how stupid Democrats continue to be. Obama, as I mentioned before, will be a non-factor when the actual nomination process begins so It’s not even worth my time to point out his soon-to-be over flash-in-the-pants celebrity. But it is worth my time to point out how the Democratic leadership continues to operate under their proven policy of failure.

Why did the Democrats lose in 2004? They lost because they tried to walk the line between reasoned, rational thought and the fever swamps of the nutroot tin-foil brigade. They lost because their candidate was a flip-flopping, pandering, conviction-less phony who was so ridiculously useless that despite the perceptions of Iraq, the American people still didn’t vote for him. They lost because the once trumpeted Democratic Party has turned into the mouthpiece of the leftist rat.

Obviously, the DNC has failed to learn its lesson. Every major candidate of the Democratic Party leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of the moderate American. When Edwards, and now Obama, are willing to adhere to the most vile anti-American, Republican-hating voting base, they simply remind the American people why, despite republican failures, they should hesitate to vote for a Democrat. They got lucky in 2006 when they took the House and Senate. Now that the public is once again reminded of the ineffectual nature of what I still consider to be the opposition party, they won't be so lucky. They oppose leading and reason for the more politically expedient insanity necessary to quench the hate of the very same base that lost them the 04 election.

Because somewhere, some troll living in his mothers basement, is suffering from a Fox News derangement syndrome, Barack Obama and John Edwards feel an obligation to satisfy said troll. America watches Fox News and sees an entertaining news service which doesn’t spend all day looking for ways to condemn its own country. And when moderate America sees some wannabe president running away from a debate for the select comfort of his America-hating swamp leeches, they see weakness; not some courageous stance against an ill-perceived GOP news organization.

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Easter.

Why Liberals Make Me Sick

So now that we know the 15 British Service people were mistreated by the Iranian regime I’m guessing the far-left America-haters, who care so much for the well-being of cold-blooded terrorists, are now going to pour the same amount of outrage they did with Guantanamo Bay, over this situation.

Because so far, I’ve seen nothing of the sort. It sure wasn’t the case when news broke that the British Sailors and Marines were kidnapped. I didn’t see one mention of the story on any major leftist site on the internet. -And here I thought liberals were against kidnaping the enemy.

Hell, when the United States broadcasted video of Saddam Hussein getting a medical checkup after he was pulled from his spider hole, I thought the world was going to blow up from all of the lefty-outrage directed at the United States. But here these Brits were used as propaganda, forced to write false confessions while being paraded around like animals, and I hear nothing. -Can any of you explain this to me?

Another Brilliant Cox & Forkum Cartoon

with all of the attention surrounding the snatching of 15 British Service personnel and their recent release, I thought why write a long rant when the situation can be summed up in one cartoon

But I will say a few things: Iran knew not to capture (so publically) American servicemen like they did the British. Because the American people are weird in that way. Most of us know Iran has directly and indirectly contributed to the deaths of over a hundred soldiers in Iraq. Yet, most people are against launching a military campain against the regime. But if Americans were captured and paraded around like the Brits were, public support would immeadiatly side in favor of taking Iran out.

Dems Ban "Global War on Terror"

We are in a war on several complicated fronts and the best idea the Democrats in the House Armed Services Committee can come up with to combat such a threat is to ban the phrase, “Global War on Terror”.

If this doesn’t embody the ineffectual nature of the Democratic Party then I don’t what does:

NewsMax) There is no longer a "global war on terror” as far as the House Armed Services Committee is concerned. It’s not that the campaign against worldwide terrorism has ended – the committee has banned the use of the phrase from the 2008 defense budget.

A memo for the committee staff states that the 2008 bill and its accompanying report should be specific about military operations and "avoid using colloquialisms...

Committee aides, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said avoiding references to the "global war on terror” reflects a disagreement over whether the war in Iraq is part of the effort to combat terrorism

I heard about this yesterday on FNC but I was so hung over I thought it was some kind of joke in a weird dream. -But if the President designates the war in Iraq as part of the war on terror then it’s part of the war on terror. Just get the money where it needs to go and shut the hell up.

The Walking Dead

Nancy Pelosi went on her grand tour of Damascus today; scaring young children all across the country.

Breitbart.Com) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi toured Damascus on Tuesday, the highest- ranking American politician to visit Syria since relations began to deteriorate four years ago. President Bush criticized the trip, saying it sends mixed signals to President Bashar Assad.

The Rovian Era

Another classic piece of editorial genius from the friendly folks at the New York Times.

The gist: Karl Rove's 'menacing' eyes are keeping watch over a staff charged with successfully executing his 'overarching goals' by 'subverting the governmental functions of the executive branch'... and stuff. -
It’s somewhat long and very ridiculous so bear with it-

Turn over a scandal in Washington these days and the chances are you’ll find Karl Rove. His tracks are everywhere: whether it’s helping to purge United States attorneys, coaching bureaucrats on how to spend taxpayers’ money to promote Republican candidates, hijacking the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for partisan politics, or helping to organize a hit on the character of one of the first people to publicly reveal the twisting of intelligence reports on Iraq.

Whatever the immediate objective, Mr. Rove seems focused on one overarching goal: creating a permanent Republican majority, even if that means politicizing every aspect of the White House and subverting the governmental functions of the executive branch. This is not the Clinton administration’s permanent campaign. The Clinton people had difficulty distinguishing between the spin cycle of a campaign and the tone of governing. That seems quaint compared with the Bush administration’s far more menacing failure to distinguish the Republican Party from the government, or the state itself.

This was, perhaps, the inevitable result of taking the chief operative of a presidential campaign, one famous for his scorched-earth style, and ensconcing him in the White House — not in a political role, but as a key player in the formation of policy. Mr. Rove never had to submit to Senate confirmation hearings. Yet, from the very start, photographs of cabinet meetings showed him in the background, keeping an enforcer’s eye on the proceedings. After his re-election in 2004, President Bush formally put Mr. Rove in charge of all domestic policy.

In that position, as David Kirkpatrick and Jim Rutenberg reported in The Times, Mr. Rove took a lead role in selecting federal judges and the hiring — and firing — of United States attorneys. Mr. Rove’s staff maneuvered to fire the prosecutor in Arkansas and replace him with a Rove protégé, and also seems to have been involved in the firing of a United States attorney in New Mexico who refused to file what he considered to be baseless charges of election fraud against Democrats.

Mr. Rove’s efforts to maintain one-party rule go deep into the government. Last week, we learned about a meeting set up by Mr. Rove’s staff with officials of the General Services Administration that was wildly inappropriate and perhaps illegal....
But why, you ask, are we being provided with such a beautiful rehashing of the same old crap we’ve been hearing for years? The Answer:

Mr. Rove retreated a bit from the public eye in the heat of the Lewis Libby trial, but after avoiding indictment, he seems to have regained his confidence. Take a look at YouTube to see his bizarre, humor-challenged gyrations as “MC Rove” at an annual media dinner in Washington the other night.
You See! Like Lennon once said: All you need is a little bitterness. -Because Rove “avoided indictment” (there was never any evidence to warrant an indictment), and because Rove had a little fun at the correspondents dinner (they can’t have him looking too human), the author felt compelled to go through the laundry list of , “Rove-is-Satan lefty gibberish”. -And they say good journalism is dead...