B.O. Backs Out of Fox Debate

Yes, Barack’s initials are the same as Body Odor but this post is not about Obama and his fleeing from Fox News. It’s about how stupid Democrats continue to be. Obama, as I mentioned before, will be a non-factor when the actual nomination process begins so It’s not even worth my time to point out his soon-to-be over flash-in-the-pants celebrity. But it is worth my time to point out how the Democratic leadership continues to operate under their proven policy of failure.

Why did the Democrats lose in 2004? They lost because they tried to walk the line between reasoned, rational thought and the fever swamps of the nutroot tin-foil brigade. They lost because their candidate was a flip-flopping, pandering, conviction-less phony who was so ridiculously useless that despite the perceptions of Iraq, the American people still didn’t vote for him. They lost because the once trumpeted Democratic Party has turned into the mouthpiece of the leftist rat.

Obviously, the DNC has failed to learn its lesson. Every major candidate of the Democratic Party leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of the moderate American. When Edwards, and now Obama, are willing to adhere to the most vile anti-American, Republican-hating voting base, they simply remind the American people why, despite republican failures, they should hesitate to vote for a Democrat. They got lucky in 2006 when they took the House and Senate. Now that the public is once again reminded of the ineffectual nature of what I still consider to be the opposition party, they won't be so lucky. They oppose leading and reason for the more politically expedient insanity necessary to quench the hate of the very same base that lost them the 04 election.

Because somewhere, some troll living in his mothers basement, is suffering from a Fox News derangement syndrome, Barack Obama and John Edwards feel an obligation to satisfy said troll. America watches Fox News and sees an entertaining news service which doesn’t spend all day looking for ways to condemn its own country. And when moderate America sees some wannabe president running away from a debate for the select comfort of his America-hating swamp leeches, they see weakness; not some courageous stance against an ill-perceived GOP news organization.