The Bourne Ultimatum

There are only a handful of great trilogies out there but if the first two Bourne films are any indicator, we will be seeing the rap up on one of the greatest ever.

The Fast pace and incredible hand to hand fight scenes are unmatched by any other film and are now being copied by the likes of Bond and just recently, the Shooter. But no matter who mimics the realism of the Bourne films, none will ever compare in terms of quality.

First Teaser trailer

I understand some people didn’t like the camera work and editing in the second film but to me, the rapid movement was perfectly fitting. And in all, if the Bourne Ultimatum is as good as the Bourne Supremacy, then I’m ready to call this, not only one of the best, but the best trilogy ever created. It comes out August 3rd. Don’t miss it.