Dems Ban "Global War on Terror"

We are in a war on several complicated fronts and the best idea the Democrats in the House Armed Services Committee can come up with to combat such a threat is to ban the phrase, “Global War on Terror”.

If this doesn’t embody the ineffectual nature of the Democratic Party then I don’t what does:

NewsMax) There is no longer a "global war on terror” as far as the House Armed Services Committee is concerned. It’s not that the campaign against worldwide terrorism has ended – the committee has banned the use of the phrase from the 2008 defense budget.

A memo for the committee staff states that the 2008 bill and its accompanying report should be specific about military operations and "avoid using colloquialisms...

Committee aides, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said avoiding references to the "global war on terror” reflects a disagreement over whether the war in Iraq is part of the effort to combat terrorism

I heard about this yesterday on FNC but I was so hung over I thought it was some kind of joke in a weird dream. -But if the President designates the war in Iraq as part of the war on terror then it’s part of the war on terror. Just get the money where it needs to go and shut the hell up.