I’m Beginning to Seriously Hate Bill O’Reilly

Okay, I shouldn’t say, ‘beginning’ because when I was a dumb democrat in High School, I used to hate Bill O with a passion. I even sent him hate email from time to time. Just his freakin’ face pissed me off. But I grew out of that hatred while growing out of the naivete that embodied my former Democratic self.

However, over the past 5 months, he and his big head have been getting under my skin. What set me off (this time) was after that climbing accident on Mount Hood; where the climbers went missing and it was ultimately determined they fell down some type of ice cave. After that accident Bill, in his infinite wisdom, went on a mini-crusade to ban climbers from trekking mountains that he thinks are dangerous. -I couldn’t believe it! I honestly think, that he thinks, he’s the messiah himself.

That’s not to say he hasn’t done some good things because he has been instrumental in passing Jessica’s Law in various states and he has, in a way, led the charge against the leftist media machine. Currently, he’s ‘exposing’ how the mainstream media receives its talking points from far-left sites and how these groups own candidates like John Edwards. I use “expose” lightly, because I, as well as many other bloggers, have been pointing out how the operation works for years.

But despite his good work in some areas, his overbearing style and constant interruptions of other people’s points cannot be ignored. -The other day a guest was on, talking about some issue (I can’t remember which), and Bill kept cutting him off right before he was able to make a point. And at the end of the segment when Bill told the man “Thanks for coming” the guy quicky responded, Thanks for letting me listen. -I laughed. Bill never shut his fat mouth... sometimes I wonder why he even books people in the first place?

What sealed the deal for me is his constant interruptions of the awesomely beautiful Kirsten Powers. Whenever she’s on with Michelle Malkin, Papa Bear O’Reilly hardly ever interrupts her but cuts off Kirsten every few seconds. I can’t stand it. His show is starting to remind me of “Crossfire” on CNN. -Just people yelling crap without ever getting to the root of the debate. Enough is enough, Billy boy. You’re not that great.

So Here’s a Big, Fuck You!