Nappy Headed Hos Want to Meet Imus

With the story hitting critical mass I thought I best jump in to defend our constitutional right to say Nappy Headed Ho and anything else we damn well please. Words like: Hos, Bitches, Sluts, Fags, Chinks, Spics, Niggers, Crackers, and of course, Nappy Headed mannish-looking lesbos on the Rutgers’s women’s basketball team. There, I said it. I must be an evil bigot... err! No!

I’m not offended by Imus’s comments… they were funny.

Nappy Headed Hos is undeniably funny. and for those who can’t stomach it, I feel sorry. I can’t bring myself to feign outrage over matters of racial humor.

It was funny. He shouldn’t have to apologize. And we all laughed when we heard it.

I wrote the above comment at Hot Air and needless to say, some of the killjoys over there weren’t too happy. I wasn’t even allowed to respond to the commenters that replied... I was censored. I do understand the moderators at the site want to keep the discussion away from certain levels but it pisses me off when the authors delve into this subject matter and don’t have the balls to allow me to tell it like it is.

In response to my above comment, Jaibones (another commenter) had this to say:
You have a warped sense of humor. I despise racial pc crap, but “nappy headed hos” is nothing but a racist epithet. Might as well have said “niggers”; what’s the difference? Would you laugh at Imus referring to a college team of women’s basketball players as “niggers”?

I thought that was a fair point; although it was a ridiculous premise. So I wrote back (the comment was never allowed to air). -It’s paraphrased because I can’t remember the exact wording:

I’m sure I don’t have to explain the difference between ‘niggers’ and 'nappy headed hos’ just like I don’t have to explain to you the difference between a woman and a ‘bitch’. But to answer your question. Yes, if Imus used the word 'nigger' and it was funny... I would laugh. Which reminds me of a shirt idea I once posted:

Camel Jockey.......................... They all look the same to me.

It’s about equal opportunity humor. Lighten up, people.

So forgive me if I save my outrage for something important. It’s not like I don’t understand racism exists; I’m a minority. But everyone needs to ease up on Don Imus because what he said was absolutely hilarious and he has every right to say such things. If you can’t handle it, then I suggest you do yourself a favor and end your life. Because if Nappy Headed Hos is a line you don’t dare cross, then this world will eat you alive.

Update, via Drudge: Imus Hits Back Asking, “When is Al Sharpton going to apologize to the Duke Players?” Which begs the question: which is worse? Slandering young students by calling them rapists or using the phrase that Don Imus used? Or how ‘bout exploiting racial tensions for finanical and political gain...? is that worse?