The VT Massacre

In dormitories and in classrooms, the students and faculty of Virginia Tech were reawakened to the savagery of life and I’m sorry to say that some of them were not able to cope with such an awakening.

32 people are dead today after a gunman took the school hostage in a campaign of terror and deadliness. The gunman had the foresight to chain-lock the doors in his target areas so that his rage would be satisfied. And it must have been with dozens killed and many others injured.

Details of the incident are quickly emerging but one angle is not being covered. An angle I will cover here: Why are these people dead? Because of a crazed gunman? -Partly. They’re dead because they hadn’t the means to defend themselves. They’re dead because people in this country are willing to comfort themselves in the belief that in their time of need, someone will be there to help. Someone will save them from the part of society we all avoid thinking about. But the truth is, no one will save you.

You, and only you, will be there. The police won’t get there until after your blood has soaked the halls of your death! You will be alone! If you are not willing to defend yourself and carry the means to defend yourself in times such as these, don’t be surprised if you’re lying on the floor in a pool of blood, wondering what happened and how you got there.

I carry my Smith and Wesson MP .40 everywhere I go... and that includes campus. Obviously, firearms are not allowed on any university but as you can see, with 32 people dead, when it comes down to it, the rules do not apply. I am willing to risk being caught with a firearm because I understand what happens when you rely on imaginary heroes to protect your life.

You have a right to live, you have a right to protect yourself, and you have the right to bear arms... and unless the university ensures my safety (which they can’t), I will take my constitutional rights deadly serious. 32 people are dead. No one was there to defend them. No one will be there to defend you