Why Liberals Make Me Sick

So now that we know the 15 British Service people were mistreated by the Iranian regime I’m guessing the far-left America-haters, who care so much for the well-being of cold-blooded terrorists, are now going to pour the same amount of outrage they did with Guantanamo Bay, over this situation.

Because so far, I’ve seen nothing of the sort. It sure wasn’t the case when news broke that the British Sailors and Marines were kidnapped. I didn’t see one mention of the story on any major leftist site on the internet. -And here I thought liberals were against kidnaping the enemy.

Hell, when the United States broadcasted video of Saddam Hussein getting a medical checkup after he was pulled from his spider hole, I thought the world was going to blow up from all of the lefty-outrage directed at the United States. But here these Brits were used as propaganda, forced to write false confessions while being paraded around like animals, and I hear nothing. -Can any of you explain this to me?