Bring ‘Em Home!

Today, the day after Memorial Day, I’ve become extremely disheartened. The War in Iraq is obviously a disaster; I’ve said so on many occasions. The problem, however, does not lie with the individual soldier or the military. The problem lies with George W. Bush and his refusal to do what is necessary in terms of stabilizing Iraq.

I’ve supported this war effort from before day one and I’ll continue to wish for the well-being of the troops on the ground and I ask only that they kill as many terrorists, insurgents and fanatics as possible. But the tipping point for my war support came during the President’s last State of the Union address. The address in which he tried to pass off a 20,000 man troop surge as the savior of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I said then:

Mr. Bush, don’t you dare piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining because this ain’t a fuckin’ game! We are losing this battle... You don’t go half-assed into a war and then stick your face in the sand in the hopes of everything just working itself out. Rumsfeld should have been fired a year ago (when I was the only Republican calling for it) and the entire hearts and minds strategy should have been abandoned with a re-enforcement of hundreds of thousands of more troops... Just as it was last year, the only way to reach the goals of a stable democratic country in Iraq is by sending an overwhelming amount of U.S. forces to completely shut down that country.... Either that, or we just leave... because there’s no in-between!

Obviously, President Bush has no intention of using extreme overwhelming force. So, support for the war is a relatively moot point. But that’s not to say this effort is a failure. -not even close. The US military toppled one of the worst dictatorships in history, they gave the average Iraqi an actual chance at freedom, Governments have been formed, terrorists have been killed by the thousands, Kurdistan is basically free and independent, Saddam Hussein is dead, his sons are dead, thousands of Iraqis have fought and are currently fighting for a free country, and we exposed a corrupt anti-American, pro-dictator United Nations.

***Now I’m not talking about just sweeping all of the troops out (although, I might be okay with that). I’m talking about falling back to our numerous bases, regrouping, and completely shutting down the borders of Iraq with one-hundred thousand troops. Then we establish a separate country of Kurdistan (granting them full sovereignty) and create a huge base of counter-terrorist operations there. And then with the remaining hundred thousand troops we secure Iraq’s major oil fields and allocate the oil to the government ourselves. No more roaming the streets. No more chasing terrorists. Just regulating the oil and securing the border from enemy-fighter penetration.

Of course, what we should do and what this president will do is not going to be the same. Which begs the question: what is going to happen? I've laid out my plan...