The Bullshit of the Millennia

Okay, I’m extremely upset. I avoided posting on the NBA Playoffs because last year I felt that I jinxed the Suns when I expressed my support on my other blog and they ended up losing the series. But now that they have been sent home for the remainder of the post season, there is no reason for me to keep straying away.

The Phoenix Suns were the best team in decades and this year was their year. However, the pansy rules of the National Basketball Association ruined my near decade-long support and enthusiasm I felt for the unprecedented Suns as well as the best point guard performance ever recorded. - From cheapshot Horray to “Knee to the Groin” Bowen, the Spurs were the luckiest playoff team in several years, to come away with a game-6 victory.

The Suns lost two key games because of outdated and ridiculous rules when Steve Nash was forced out of game one because a bloody cut on the bridge of his nose and both Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw were suspended for reacting to the one of the cheapest fouls in NBA history. Two games that the Suns should have won but were basically forfeited by the actions of the league along with the dirty play of the former champions.

Tonight I took off from work to watch what I hoped was the second-to-last game of the series. I didn’t want to miss a second of what I call the “greatest show on court” because I honestly felt (because of the rampant unfairness dished out to the Suns) that this was going to be historic. Unfortunately, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan were too much for the exhausted Sun team.

What I’m trying to get at is: The Suns are the NBA. Steve Nash is the NBA. They deserved to be in the finals but were gypped by some bogus bullshit. The Suns, as I said, are the greatest show on court but were ruined by technicalities and timid rule-following. I feel bad for professional sports. -Game 1 and 5 were not lost by the Suns, nor won by the Spurs. But were given away at the expense of the basketball fan.

As far as I’m concerned, Steve Nash is the MVP and the Phoenix Suns are the true champions. Greatness cannot be ignored and I wouldn’t be surprised if most people agree with me. Damn It! They should’ve won!