Bush Bashing May Not Win the White House

Democratic strategists are warning their party not to be overconfident during the 2008 presidential campaign; understanding that the situation in Iraq will likely be winding down next year and that the Democratic Party is notoriously irresponsible when it comes to national security.

Bush Bashing vs. Competency (by John Cochran ABC News). Excerpt:

Peter Hart (Democratic pollster) also found that voters are concerned about competency, especially when it comes to national security.

At the Towson meeting (focus group comprised of varying political backgrounds) he heard widespread enthusiasm for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani because of his leadership after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Hart said those voters "did not hold it against Giuliani because he is in President Bush's party."

This is a signal, said Hart, that the Democratic nominee next year needs to instill confidence in his or her ability to deal with domestic terrorism. And this could be a challenge for Democrats, he said, if there is a serious incident of terrorism before the November 2008 election.

Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute added that Democrats "have historically had a lot of baggage when it comes to national security…voters have usually had more confidence in Republicans."

For now Democrats have the luxury of knowing that bashing Bush will likely help their cause. [However], A Republican political consultant said that although there will still be voter anger next year about Iraq, the war itself may be winding down at that point. "Our candidate may then be able to change the national conversation to other issues such as tax cuts and domestic security."

If you consider the premise of this article to be true (which it’s not) then yeah, it’s very good advice for the Democratic Party to tamper down their tendency to blame Bush for everything under the sun. But Bush bashing has never helped the Democratic Party. This tactic hasn’t helped anyone except those who hate us oversees and most of our enemies. If anything, blaming the president all the time has likely hurt their party.

What the Democrats need to do (or they will find themselves without power again) is stop attacking the president, stop calling for immediate withdrawal, distance themselves from fringe internet elements, and begin to seriously think about drawing up plans that can actually be considered responsible. As of now, the Democratic presidential candidates can’t even answer simple questions like, what will you do when Iran is on the doorstep of nuclear weapons and what do you think about Iran killing US troops in Iraq?

Then again, if they did all of those things and answered those types of questions, they wouldn’t be Democrats