Enough With the Abortion Madness

All I’ve been hearing during this ridiculously early presidential campaign season is, abortion this, abortion that. Oh my God, Giuliani says he’s against abortion but votes pro-choice! Well, it’s getting pretty old.

I understand some people feel that the abortion issue is the end all be all (or however you say it) of the presidential elections. I, on the other hand, believe the issue is somewhat important but it’s not the make or break reason to vote for a republican candidate. And frankly, it’s a tad irresponsible to make one subject the focus of whether or not you vote for someone.

I happen to agree with Giuliani’s recent stance on abortion. It sickens me to know so many lives are snuffed out because of bad choices and irresponsible youths. But I’m not so self-righteous that I can A) judge a person as if I’m God and B) pretend as if I’ve been in the situation of some Americans who legitimately made a heartbreaking decision not to the keep the child. So yes, I’m against abortion but willing to accept a honest choice of an individual who is not me. Late-Term abortion, however, is a different matter and anyone who supports that procedure I truly dislike and will never vote for.

I know religious conservatives might have a problem with that position and have problems with a Giuliani presidency. I have a problem with him becoming president as well, but for other reasons. What I hope, is that the far-right of my party doesn’t help sink our chances of a Republican victory in 2008 because they can’t get past the abortion issue.

And enough ragging of Rudy. If you don’t like him, don’t support him or don’t vote for him. I think it’s important to keep the heat off our presidential frontrunners and back on the clueless and inept Democratic candidates.