Why Kill Each Other When You Can Kill the Jews?

The always entertaining, left-wing AmericaBlog seems to be upset that reality always proves fanatical Arabs to be irrational killers. But they’re sympathetic... really! -Palestinians Again Hurt Their Own Cause-

(by co-author, A.J. in DC) I'm sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, I truly am. Which is why it's so disappointing when they prove their critics right. If it weren't so sad and destructive, it would be comical: the highly-touted, Egyptian-sponsored cease-fire between Hamas and Fatah collapsed literally the same night that it began. The agreement began at 1 a.m. on Monday and didn't even last until morning.

He’s sympathetic to the “Palestinian cause”. It’s always nice to know the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of all the Jews is #1 in the leftist heart. Hey, but he does find it disappointing and who can argue with that, huh? Palestinians not putting their internal differences aside to focus on the killing of innocent people is, somewhat “disappointing”.

But why stop there? Why not blame Israel?

I'm definitely not in the "Arabs can't self-govern" camp, nor the "Muslims can't handle democracy" crew. I think Palestinians should have their own state, and I think Israel's position on the territories is tremendously problematic in many ways. I also know that there would be much more international support for Palestinians if they stopped shooting each other all the time.

Wow, this guy is a genius. He thinks there would be more international support for Palestinians if they would just stop killing each other. Again, why kill each other when you could be focusing on just killing Jews. I mean, what about the “cause”.

And what’s a good terrorist-sympathizer piece without the, It’s all America’s fault paragraph?

I understand there are internal pressures and conflicts, and I even understand that U.S. support for the corrupt Arafat/Fatah governments have helped created the situation. But. The de-facto civil war among Palestinians definitely isn't helping their cause.

It’s almost like AmericaBlog is so upset Palestine can’t come together to destroy Israel that they feel it necessary to express their dissatisfaction. All the while, making sure they don’t upset their anti-Semitic readers by blaming the US and making it overly clear (by mentioning they support the “cause” over and over) that they “understand” it’s America’s fault.