The Anti-Hillary Dirty Tricks War

Somehow, pointing out that Hillary Clinton is a liar and has been unfortunate enough to be caught up in some questionable legal mishaps, constitutes a “dirty-trick smear job” on the part of Republican operatives... at least in the eyes of the ultra-left Guardian.

On the Guardian’s breaking news section they link to a world news article about how “anti-Hillary” forces are creeping through the shadows, rounding up damning evidence against Mrs. Clinton in order to derail her presidential campaign.

Guardian Unlimited) She's ahead in the polls and on course to become the Democrats' presidential candidate for 2008. So it is no surprise that a right-wing smear campaign is gathering speed to derail Senator Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House.

Top of the list of projects is a planned movie, being filmed by veteran Republican operator David Bossie... Bossie is being helped in the project by Dick Morris, a former top Clinton aide who has become a leading Clinton critic. The film aims to delve into past Clinton scandals, such as the Whitewater real estate deals, and to dig up new dirt... The film also has the backing of other veteran Republican dirty-tricks campaigners.

A slew of conservative books on Clinton are also planned for release or have already hit the stores. These include The Extreme Makeover of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Bay Buchanan and Whitewash by Brent Bozell, a veteran conservative who will try to show that Clinton is a pawn of the liberal media...

Hillary Clinton is starting to be targeted by the mainstream campaigns of top-tier Republican candidates such as Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney. The Republican approach has been to maintain a distance between the dirty tricks-style operators and their senior figures.

But one of the main reasons why the Republican whispering campaign against Clinton is starting so early is simply how well Clinton is doing... Her campaign is prepared for a conservative attack, no matter how dirty. On the campaign trail, one of her slogans is: 'I know how Washington Republicans think, how they operate and how to beat them.' Her staff have vowed not to repeat Kerry's 2004 mistake with the Swift Boat campaign.

I couldn’t post the whole article because the whining dragged on forever. But trust me when I say the words dirty, trick, smear, swiftboat were all used several times. -Because when you're protecting a fellow liberal from being “smeared” the only option, as a responsible objective journalist, is to smear those who are going after Hillary.

Meanwhile, Clinton is shaking hands with her adoring Che-loving comrades.