Can’t We All Just Hate Each Other

I hate liberals... who doesn’t, right?. But still I thought that if I could find a few similarities between us, we could all just get along. And after a few minutes of reflection I realized that yeah, we aren’t that different after all.

--I like the military
liberals pretend to like the military

--I love America
Liberals pretend to love America

--I believe there is a war on terror
Liberals believe we should lose the war that they don’t think is the war on terror.

--I wanted to see Saddam Hussein Hanged
Liberals want to see George Bush Hanged

--I believe that the United States is a beacon of freedom
And Liberals use freedom to slander the United States

Now you see! Maybe after we strip away the rhetoric we can come together in a show of unity. I for one am looking at these America-hating, terrorist-sympathizing, non-shower-taking hippie idiots in a whole new light. I hope you can do the same.