Is O’Reilly’s Staff Reading My Blog?

Tonight, O’Reilly mentioned a story that I found and reported on yesterday about how the Washington Post used the deaths of seven afghani kids to push an anti-military agenda (Seven Children Dead; WAPO Salivates). During the Talking Points Memo, O’Reilly basically summarized exactly what I said in the post. Check out the replay tonight at 11pm eastern to see what I mean. (I think I was the only legitimate blogger to actually write something about the how the story was used)

Also, last week, I was, from what I saw, the only Republican blogger who pointed out the AP hit piece directed at Fox News (The War on Fox News) . I even sent it to some major blogs but the story was ignored. However, the next day on the O’Reilly Factor they mentioned the article and again basically summarized my take on the piece.

Update: I uploaded the T-Points memo from last week. I posted it in the War on Fox News if you want to check it out.

Last week I thought it was just a coincidence but after tonight I’m leaning towards thinking that I might have a couple of fans. Or his staff and I think alike and we happened to say the exact same thing....