Plane Crash Kills Medical Team, Patients Hopes

Imagine being in critical condition awaiting a possible life saving heart transplant. You’re overjoyed to hear that your name is atop the waiting list and the University of Michigan is flying a medical team and your new heart direct to your hospital room via private plane. You’re beginning to prep for surgery and really starting to prep for your new life. You think to yourself, I might be able to make it through this.

It’s an hour before surgery now and you have the whole world in front of you. While contemplating the risk of the operation, your fears are outweighed by the thoughts of your family and how great it will be to give them your full love and attention. -everything is working out. The problem, which you are yet to be made aware of, is that the plane carrying your heart, along with the advanced medical team, just crashed killing everyone on board.

ANN ARBOR, MICH. - The patient lay on the operating table, prepped for transplant surgery. In the air over Lake Michigan, a twin-engine plane sped his way, carrying a team of surgeons and technicians, along with a donor organ on ice.

The plane never made it, crashing into the lake's choppy waters and killing all six people aboard Monday. Now the critically ill patient could become the accident's seventh fatality.

"It was a very sad moment in the operating room" when word was received that the plane had gone down on its way from Milwaukee, said Dr. Jeffrey Punch, chief of transplant surgery at the University of Michigan Health System hospital in Ann Arbor.

Update: Speculation led me to believe that the patient needed a heart when in fact it was a pair of lungs. The man was lucky enough to recieve a new set of lungs on Friday after the first were lost in the crash