Surprise: Democrats Have Done Nothing...

...And the Left is pissed off.
The base of the Democratic Party is upset with Nancy Pelosi for her lack of action with regard to Iraq and her impotent policy agenda.

Robert Novak) The powerful left wing of the House Democratic Caucus is unhappy with Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being too attentive to a handful of moderate members, especially those elected last year from normally Republican districts.

Protesting liberals grumble Pelosi has been too cautious setting policy during six months in the majority, especially regarding the Iraq war. The response is that Democrats will revert to minority status in the House if they stray too far to the left.

The liberal reaction to their newly empowered party leaders wasn’t that difficult to foresee. So, I wasn’t shocked to hear that the far-left of the Democratic Party is upset with Nancy Pelosi; I tried to warn them.

From, Meet the New Boss Same as the Old Boss:

the Dems have officially taken power in the United States Congress. Fittingly, they are led by the ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. But aside from what this means in terms of differing views on policies and philosophies, what does it mean with regards to the prospect of change?

Democrats have and always will be as corrupt, if not more corrupt, than Republicans. So the country isn’t getting anything favorable in the sense of corruption. The Democrats pushed for the war in Iraq and will not rally together to immediately pull out of that particular theater. So, we’re not getting anything new in terms of the war. The Economy is doing very well and the dems will not have enough of a consensus to repeal the entirety of the Bush Tax Cuts.

And they won’t even do anything relevant about the instituted terrorist-fighting policies put forth by the Administration. The Patriot Act, the NSA programs and the rest of the so-called controversial programs aren’t going anywhere. It’s funny because so many Democratic voters take the political rhetoric of the DNC seriously. The fundamental flaw that most on the left possess, is that they actually believe what calculating politicians tell them. Sorry to disappoint you... but you ain’t gonna get what you fought so hard for.
What we had here was the classic, shove as much bullshit down these retards' throats, in hopes they forget that we happen to be good-for-nothing democrats, plan. --And the nutroots bought it. The Democratic Party had like 4 decades to fix social security, fix the health care system, fix our educational problems, and deal with growing foreign threats. For 4o years the Dems have been running on the same healthcare/poverty platform... And the problems have only gotten worse. You would think by now that Demcoratic Voters would have caught on.