What the Immigration Debate is Really About

My Brother Was Shot and Nearly Killed by an Illegal Alien
I live in Southern New Mexico; not even 100 miles from the Southern Border. I’ve lived here my entire life and my family lives here. I am 4th generation American (5th and 6th if you count territories). This is my country and I love it. So, I will not have it overrun by millions of illegal aliens looking to exploit my country’s generosity. -But this is not about the swarm of people illegally crossing into the United States. This is about my brother and the one wetback who shot and nearly killed him.

Imagine being shot with a weapon as deadly as a .44 Magnum. On top of that imagine that firearm was loaded with hollow point rounds and the shot came from point blank range. Imagine being airlifted from outside of your home to Thomason Hospital in El Paso, unconscious and dying. Imagine your family awakened at four o'clock in the morning to news of your pending death. Then imagine the look on the faces of your family when they enter the emergency room to see that your bloated and nearly unrecognizable body is lying in a pool of blood with half a dozen tubes hanging out of your torso.

You’re in a medically induced coma now and the doctors are telling your loved ones that there is really no hope of you making it out alive. A priest is present offering your last rites by the request of your father who can’t help but weep knowing your death is almost certain. Days and weeks go by but by some miracle you’re still alive. Soon, you wake up. Beyond the belief of the doctors you’re recovering and able to respond to stimuli. Months pass and you're in the care of you wife back at home. However, because you’re intestines were blown apart and your one good kidney continues to fail every month or so, you start to believe that being alive is not such a good thing. Having to wear a colostomy bag the rest of your life coupled with the agonizing pain brings reality to the doorstep.

The only comfort you’re family has is knowing the person who shot you is in jail awaiting sentencing. Unfortunately, that comfort is short lived when the illegal alien, named Manuel Saeaz is charged only with assault with a deadly weapon. The notion of justice is buried with you’re future when after only 18 months the person is released from prison to be sent to his home country of Mexico. -The next day he’s back in the United States living not even 3 miles from you.

--Unfortunately, I don’t have to imagine what it’s like because my brother was nearly murdered in front of his own home by a fuckin’ wetback. I was there in the hospital and I can tell you that seeing my bother lying over blood soaked sheets is something I’ll never forget. He will be in pain and will suffer the rest of his life... and this person is free after 18 months and a few hours in Mexico. -LC Sun News Reported the Shooting-

The Immigration debate isn’t a debate at all, for me. This is life and death. This is about justice and the Constitution of the United States. -a lot of people see the border situation as a human rights issue. But what about my rights! Huh? What about the right not to be murdered. This is our country; not theirs. The so called immigrant “rights” some people are ascribing these illegal aliens cost my brother and many other families more than you’ll ever know. So don’t give me that bleeding heart bullshit. To that I say, to hell with you.

It is the duty of our leaders to secure the border of the United States. Not doing so constitutes a clear and present danger to our liberty and to the security of this country. Failure to act requires action on the part of every American citizen against not only the foreign invaders but the federal government. No Amnesty without security. No liberty without sovereignty. And no justice without laws.