Where To Go From Here

I’m not exactly where I wanted to be when I started blogging back in May 2004 but I think I’ve come quite a ways since then. I’ve met some good blogger friends during the time and my traffic flow is Okay; all of which I appreciate. Most importantly, I found that I actually enjoy expressing myself in such a forthright manner.

I’ve always tried to post material that wasn’t the same mundane crap you can find on any of a million political sites throughout the "series of tubes" known as the internet. I never wanted to just link an article from the news and say, there you have it or just read the Drudge Report to get material. My goal has always been to spend the time, write my own take on things and to write in a way that was enjoyable for others. I pride myself on trying to create opinions, not agreeing with them and I pride myself on finding material before it’s posted on Drudge or other major political blogs.

Some people like that approach, some people don’t. But it’s the way I’ll continue to do it. Frankly, I think blogs like LGF and Michelle Malkin suck. I see average writing, tip-based reporting and a loyal readership. But what do I know? -I see a retarded post on LGF or just a link to a media article and it gets 200 comments. Sometimes, I think to myself that it would be nice to have 300,000 visitors a day but whenever I dare glance at the idiotic and pointless comments left by their readers I have second thoughts.

I try to make every post worth reading and that’s why I only make a new entry about once a day. So, for those of you who can put up with my shit I can honestly say thanks.

It would be nice to break through to the next level but I can’t say if that will ever happen so I’m wondering how exactly to move forward. When I first started I was extremely vicious in my rhetoric, which simultaneously pushed away moderate readers and brought forth the insane leftist stalkers. Granted, being called names like racist, warmonger, Nazi and redneck was fun, it did tend drive the debate into the ground. At the time I wanted to be more mainstream so I ratcheted down the hatred and banned all of my stalkers.

What I didn’t count on was that the insane lefties were dependable and the moderate, more respectable readers were not. My traffic plummeted and my blog started to get a little boring. So, I moved away from being less offensive to the more comfortable zone I’m in now. I’m trying to bring back my old Opinionnation self but I’m hesitant because it makes it harder to be legitimate. I'm wondering If I should just say, fuck it and risk driving possible moderate readers away. I’m leaning towards, Fuck it.