Romanian Man Accuses God of Fraud

Man Sues God For Allowing Satan to Convince Him to Murder:

A man serving a 20-year sentence for murder has been rebuffed so far in his effort to sue God for breach of contract by failing to protect him from evil and turning him over to Satan who encouraged him to kill.

Pavel Mircea, 40, filed his lawsuit in the western Romanian town of Timisoara, charging God with failure to fulfill an agreement Micera alleged was made at his baptism.

"He was supposed to protect me from all evils and instead he gave me to Satan who encouraged me to kill," he charged.

God's alleged dereliction, according to Mircea including fraud, breach of trust, abuse of a position of authority and misappropriation of goods – all crimes, the plaintiff noted, under the Romanian criminal code.

I’d like to sue God for Celine Dion, but that’s a whole nother story.