Bill Maher: I Have No Party Affiliation

Last night, on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, Bill Maher made himself look foolish again when he claimed that an Edwards/Obama presidential ticket was a sure bet to win the White House in 2008.

Maher said that if Hillary Clinton is nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, she will practically ensure a Republican victory. But, according to him, not because she’s a horrid choice but because she "carries a lot of baggage" and the Republican "slime machine" would tear her apart.

However, the funniest line of his appearance on the Tonight Show wasn’t a joke. It was when he proclaimed (several times) that he wasn’t a Democrat and he wasn’t, "affiliated with either party". -He then proceeded to attack Republicans for the rest of the segment.

He votes Democrat. He supports Democrats. He parrots Democratic talking points. And he mindlessly bashes Republicans every week... but he’s not a member of any political party. -Oh. And Bush is Hitler.

Update: I found a video of Maher’s appearance at a website called Brad Blog. Maher Calls Edwards/Obama A 'No-Lose Ticket'.