Deputy Acquitted in Airman Case

You may remember but last year a senior US airman, Elio Carrion, who just returned from Iraq, was shot in cold blood by a police officer in California. The officer commanded the airman to stand up and then for no reason, shot him three times.

In turns out that the officer, Ivory J. Webb, was
acquitted of all charges at the end of last month.

Here’s a video of the attempted murder. (It does contain graphic content):

I didn’t even know a verdict in the case was reached until I started getting hits from Google linking to the shooting video that I posted last year. It has received very little attention in the national media and for some reason it has received even less among civil rights leaders. If Carrion were black it would have been a huge scandal. Instead, what we have is a complete travesty.

And I remember that blowhard O’Reilly defended the cop when the story first broke. The video obviously shows the officer commanding Carrion to stand up just to have an excuse to try to kill him. Webb shot him three times!