Freed Gitmo Inmates Rejoin the War

You remember that devastating part in "Saving Private Ryan" when that chickenshit interpreter hears his friend crying for help, but just stands there while the German he fought to free stabs him in the heart? -That’s who these fucking bleeding-heart liberals are... they’re the chickenshit interpreter.

Your poor little fucking terrorists are still killing people.

At least 30 former Guantanamo Bay detainees have been killed or recaptured after taking up arms against allied forces following their release.

They have been discovered mostly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but not in Iraq, a US Defence Department spokesman told The Age yesterday.

Commander Jeffrey Gordon said the detainees had, while in custody, falsely claimed to be farmers, truck drivers, cooks, small-arms merchants, low-level combatants or had offered other false explanations for being in Afghanistan.

"We are aware of dozens of cases where they have returned to militant activities, participated in anti-US propaganda or engaged in other activities," said Commander Gordon.

His comments follow the death this week of Taliban commander and former detainee Abdullah Mehsud, who reportedly blew himself up rather than surrender to Pakistani forces.