Leftist Scumbag to be Sacked

As reported on the 15th, Ward Churchill was set to be fired this week. And it's almost time for the professor to be dismissed. (updates will come as official word breaks)

Rocky Mountain News) University of Colorado ethnic- studies professor Ward Churchill faces dismissal today at the hands of the school's Board of Regents after 2 1/2 years of national controversy and investigations.

He is charged with academic misconduct, ranging from plagiarism to inventing facts and even entire historical episodes. Among the more unusual charges is that Churchill published essays under the names of other people then cited them in his footnotes as independent sources supporting his views.

That’s one down, a few thousand to go.

Live-Blogged. Fired
Update, 4:30pm Mountain Time: CU Board of Regents has made their decision. awaiting press conference. (to start within the next half hour)

Update: watch live stream here @ My Fox Colorado.

Update, 4:50pm: LGF linked to the stream at 4:40 mountain time so you might want to get there early just in case the stream is bogged down.

4:45: My Fox Colorado producer informed me that the conference will start any time now
5:35pm: Regents enter

5:38: the regents move to accept the dismissal. The Vote is 8-1 to dismiss.

Churchill's supporters are yelling "Bullshit"

He's Fired!!!

5:42: Board Chair: "at the end of the day we supported Browns' recommendations."
Brown: "decision was basic: do you as an institution accept the continued presence of someone who shows a pattern of falsifying research"

Chair: His 9/11 essay or comments were not taken into account