More Evidence Europe Has Lost Its Mind

(Breitbart.Com) More Europeans see the United States as a threat to global stability than Iran and North Korea combined, according to a poll published Monday.

The Harris Interactive survey for the Financial Times showed that 32 percent of more than 5,000 respondents in five European countries -- Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain -- regarded the United States as the biggest threat to stability.

I say that, since we’re the biggest threat to world stability, we no longer provide aid to struggling nations and we no longer provide military security to our European allies. We also let Iran and North Korea continue to build nuclear weapons while completely withdrawing our military presence in the Middle East. We no longer combat terrorism abroad nor do we strive for peace throughout any country other than our own. We cut funding for the United Nations (continuing to allow them to prop up radical countries and appease the global jihad movement) in order to focus on an isolationist policy.

And then when China invades Taiwan; Al Qaeda detonates a nuclear device inside a major European capital; Iran begins blackmailing Europe with their newly acquired nuclear weapons; North Korea nukes Seoul; Russia takes control of Europe’s oil supply and millions of people die... we, the United States do absolutely nothing to help Europe deal with the catastrophe. We say: I thought you said we were the greatest threat to world peace. Sorry we’re the bad guy, remember!!!!!