We’re Saved! There’s Gonna be a Concert

Can you feel the excitement? We’re all going to be saved by Al Gore and Madonna! Live Earth is on!

To listen to these global warming freaks talk, you would think the world is about to be devastated by apocalyptic floods, fires and disease. -A devastation so great that we need... yeah, you guessed it. A concert! Woo!

We’re all going to burn alive!... break out the tambourines.

And just so I can get this straight: what we have here is a series of major concerts, right? I assume these concerts require tons of equipment and personnel that needed to be flown from destination to destination. The equipment itself, I also assume, uses quite-a-bit of energy. The performers who are using this equipment range from Madonna to Kanye West. All of whom live in vast, power-wasting mansions (if not more than one). And the entire event was spearheaded by a man who wastes 20 times more energy than the average American.

Yeah, that’s just what I need. A bunch of rich hypocrites, who use private jets and own multiple homes, telling me to cut down on my fossil fuel consumption; while literally wasting more energy in one weekend than I’ll ever use in my lifetime. -Fuck Off!