Go Away Fred

I’ve had about enough of this asshole.

I have no idea what conservatives see in
that has them in a frenzy to nominate him for the Presidency of the United States. I’m almost positive that he has no idea what he’s talking about… ever. Yeah, sure he’s a cool guy and a farily good actor but President??? I mean, come on.

But I guess out of the list of shitty-ass choices, he might be the least shitiest. Still, I would never vote for him.

Well, There You Have It

I can see the campaign ads now: Vote for Clinton/Obama in '08… Castro’s Choice

HAVANA (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is tipping Democratic candidates and to team up and win the U.S. presidential election.

Clinton leads Obama in the race to be the Democratic nominee for the November 2008 election, and Castro said they would make a winning combination.

"The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate," he wrote in an editorial column on U.S. presidents published on Tuesday by Cuba's Communist Party newspaper, Granma.

And he even thanked former President Bill Clinton for rescuing Elian Gonzales from the clutches of America and sending him back to the Cuban utopia Castro has built:

Castro said former President Bill Clinton was "really kind" when he bumped into him and the two men shook hands at a U.N. summit meeting in 2000. He also praised Clinton for sending elite police to "rescue" shipwrecked Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives in 2000

Kennedy Mentioned in Oil For Food Trial

While the Democrats are busy salivating over the Alberto Gonzales resignation, more reports are out about Senator Kennedy, once again, aiding the enemies of the United States. I’ll let you judge which is more important:

The background story is a tad complicated but basically a Texas oilman named Oscar Wyatt, conspired to use kickbacks to Saddam Hussein as a way to gain favor for lucrative Iraqi oil contracts (through the sham known as the UN Oil for Food Program). Along with providing money to Hussein, Wyatt also offered the former dictator US troop positions and insight on what, at the time, was a possible invasion.

Moreover, he also convinced a US senator to denounce the push for the war in Iraq, in the hopes of keeping Saddam in power and his oil contracts intact. According to reports, the senator he convinced was none other than Edward Kennedy. –Yes, I’m sure you’re all shocked.

Washington Post) The government said in court papers that it is entitled to portray a Texas businessman as so eager to win oil contracts from Saddam Hussein’s government that he told Iraqi officials about the impending U.S. invasion of Iraq and encouraged opposition to the war.

The government argued that jurors should hear about statements that Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. made to win favor with those who handed out lucrative Iraqi oil contracts...

The statements about him were contained in a diary kept by an employee of Iraq’s State Oil Marketing Organization. The diary claims that Wyatt bragged that he had convinced a U.S. senator to speak out against an attack on Iraq… (Reuters) One diary entry states that “Wyatt allegedly convinced Senator Edward Kennedy to deliver a speech against the war with Iraq,”
Hot Air.

Huckabee: Fat People Could Lose Us the War

Presidential hopeful Mike “I’ll never get elected because ‘President Huckabee’ sounds too stupid” Huckabee, warned the American people that if we continue to get fat at our current rate, we might not have people to fight the war on terror.

Because we all know that fat people don’t even show up to work… too busy eating. **sigh**

Miss. (AP) - Republican presidential candidate and self-described "recovering foodaholic" Mike Huckabee told Southern governors Saturday that an obesity epidemic could cause serious problems for the American economy, and even for national security.

"Today we hear a lot about the war on terror, how we need to fight it," said Huckabee, who lost 110 pounds several years ago when he was governor of Arkansas. "Let me ask this question: Who's going to fight it in the future if we're a generation so sick that we don't have the capacity to show up for work?"

Resistance: Fall of Man

I finally got mees a Playstation 3 a few days ago. So far, it's been better than I expected. it compliments my HD flatpanel and HD surround system very well. I haven't had this much fun gaming in a long time.

Right now I'm playing "Resistance: Fall of Man" online and my rank is rising pretty quickly. I play under the username Ayofat if anyone wants to get down and try to kill me. Just shoot me an email at the contact address in the sidebar or IM me while online to let me know if you want to battle... or buddy up.

-Seacrest Dead


When I first heard about the new movie I was ready to blow it off given that the last two major films were the victims of what I call the teenybopper movie movement. –It’s when a classic horror film (or any good film) is brought back not to be scary or suspenseful but simply to appeal to the coveted young teen demographic. (they do this by casting music celebrities who can’t act and so on).

However, I did a complete 180 when I found out that the very talented was not only directing the new “Halloween” but writing it as well. If you’ve seen, “The Devil’s Rejects” or “House of a 1,000 Corpses” you know that Rob Zombie is not the please the adolescent teen filmmaker. He is the extreme, unforgiving violent type. And if there’s one person who can make Michael Myers what he was always meant to be… it’s him.

I can’t wait. Check out the Halloween movie trailer

NAACP Backs Michael Vick

The Atlanta chapter of the organization that spits in the face or Martin Luther King, Jr. and his ideals on a daily basis, has called for the NFL to be lenient with dog-killer Michael Vick. The reason: “Vick’s ability to bring joy to football fans across the country”.

ABC News) An NAACP leader said Michael Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL, preferably the Atlanta Falcons, after serving his sentence for his role in a dogfighting operation.

"As a society, we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football," said R.L. White, president of the group's Atlanta chapter. "We further ask the NFL, Falcons, and the sponsors not to permanently ban Mr. Vick from his ability to bring hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country."

I guess I can say that I’m not surprised. Besides, it’s all the white man’s fault anyway. Years of caring for dogs by white suburbanites isolated and alienated the black culture; creating a harsh resentment among the black community towards animals.

South Park Sunday (Cartman's Hate Crime)

Cartman gets arrested for a hate crime after a rock throwing misunderstanding knocks out the town's only black kid (Token). Unfortunately, for Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, Cartman's fat ass is needed to beat the girls in the upcoming sled race. With Token having already forgiven Cartman, the boys proceed to try to convince the governor that Cartman should be released because hate crime legislation doesn't make sense and is "a savage hypocrisy".

South Park takes on "Hate Crime" legislation... like only South Park can

***Video Down***

Last week's episode: Goobacks

This is How We Win the War in Iraq

Frequent readers know my feelings about the war in Iraq so I won’t get into that again. But it’s important, to me, to express my plan of action in terms of where to go from here (both politically and militarily). Because that’s all I can do! Unfortunately, at this time, I’m not in a position to effect change; if I were, we would have won this war two fuckin’ years ago!

Given that we will never use the extreme overwhelming force necessary to win in Iraq, this is what has to happen. If not, we come out of this with almost nothing (except of course thousands of dead Americans and billions of dollars spent… all the while the damn Iraqi government is on vacation!!!).

***I first posted this plan in May: Now I’m not talking about just sweeping all of the troops out (although, I might be okay with that). I’m talking about falling back to our numerous bases, regrouping, and completely shutting down the borders of Iraq with one-hundred thousand troops. Then we establish a separate country of Kurdistan (granting them full sovereignty) and create a huge base of counter-terrorist operations there. And then with the remaining hundred thousand troops we secure Iraq’s major oil fields and allocate the oil to the government ourselves. No more roaming the streets. No more chasing terrorists. Just regulating the oil and securing the border from enemy-fighter penetration.

We control the oil, we secure and grant sovereignty to Kurdistan, we establish a base of counterterrorism operations there, and we shut down the borders of Iraq. -Everyone is wondering how the hell we can win the war. Well, this is how we do it; the only way to do it. Of course, you can’t get around the fact that Iraqis are going to die but at this point, it doesn’t matter… they are going to die anyway. Those Iraqis willing to fight for their freedom (I mean truly fight for their freedom) is outweighed by terrorists, insurgents, and sectarian struggles. So, let them fight it out! This has been centuries in the making and we (given the lack of overwhelming force and the lack of action on the part of Iraqis) have no business in the middle of it. It’s what’s been coming.

So what does this do for us? – What this does, is it allows the United States to remove American troops from the front line without emboldening the enemy by allowing them, and the entire America-hating world, to use the fact that we withdrew, as surrender propaganda. The media would love that. –they want us to pull out but the second we do, they would praise the underdog terrorist for being able to stymie the mighty American military. More importantly, we would have serious victories; tangible, real victories. Freeing Kurdistan and granting them sovereignty is a victory… we can see it.

Controlling the oil means that we have the power to distribute that oil. No matter the outcome of the sectarian war, the oil will never fall into the hands of Al Qaeda and/or Iranian factions (That is another victory). And by pulling back troops from the battlefield, it allows them to be used to shut down key infiltration spots along the Iraqi border. This, of course, would stem the influx of weapons and enemy-fighters into Baghdad and elsewhere. This, in turn, would limit the scope of the pending sectarian war between the committed sects. Less munitions and fighters means limited violence. Limited violence means a better chance for the Iraqi government to stabilize. –Again, another victory.

With all of these victories to point to, what we have is political change in Washington. The American people will be grateful to those leaders willing to show them some victory instead of total defeat. Yes, they want us out of Iraq but they don’t want us to surrender. –this is clear. They understand that if we continue on the exact same path there will be nothing to cling to, that makes the sacrifices of American troops worth it. I know this to be true. Implementing my plan will give the American people something to hold on to. As long as we have something to point at and say, we fought for this, and it’s real and we have enough victories to better our country, the American people will persevere. -It’s what has to be done.


Okay, I never really cared about , nor do I care about his resignation. The only thing I liked about him was the pain and angst he brought to liberals across the country.

Wake me when Cheney retires and President Bush moves Condi to VP to position her for the White House in 2008. -I still think it will happen

South Park Sunday (Goobacks)

When illegal immigrants (goobacks) from the future start traveling back in time looking for work, it pits the “Pissed Off White Trash Redneck Conservative” against the “Aging Liberal Hippie Douche”.

They Took Rrrr Jobs!

Last week's episode: Up The Down Steroid

Uh-Oh! Bush-Haters Won’t Like This

-A French president appreciative of American sacrifice, who expresses solidarity despite differing opinions… Am I dead?

United States (AFP) - US President George W. Bush and his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy affirmed their countries' friendship Saturday ahead of a casual lunch, a "heart-to-heart talk" and a brisk boat ride that could signal a new era of closer ties.

"For around 250 years France and the United States have been allies and friends," Sarkozy said as he arrived at Bush's family holiday compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.

"When we see, on the edge of the Atlantic, all the cemeteries with white crosses, those are the young Americans who came to die for us. That is more important than Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Bush," he said.

"So do we agree on everything? No. Because in a family we can have disagreements. But we are the same family, that is the truth," he said.

And that’s all we ask. You don’t have to agree with our foreign policy. Just stop acting like a bunch of mindless, anti-American fuckheads.

LA Times: Free Taliban; Imprison Libby

In one of the most bizarre and shameless editorials I’ve ever read, the LA Times called for President Bush to grant clemency to famed Taliban fighter, John Walker Lindh, while calling the commutation of Scooter Libby, an ‘abuse’ of power. –I’m quoting quite a bit of the article and it’s somewhat long but bear with it; it’s necessary:

Los Angeles Times
The president's power to grant clemency -- in the form of either a pardon or a commutation -- is much maligned and occasionally abused, as was the case when President Bush used it to keep his colleague, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, from facing even a day in prison for lying and obstructing justice. But the power has its appropriate uses as well, and the case of John Walker Lindh calls out for it.

Known unfortunately as "the American Taliban," Lindh became a symbol for fanaticism, even treason, in the early months of the nation's response to Sept. 11. He was apprehended in late 2001 in the mountains of Afghanistan, where, at the age of 20, he was serving in the army of a nation that harbored terrorists, including Osama bin Laden…

Lindh, who converted to Islam as a teenager, joined the Taliban before Sept. 11, not after; he did so to fight the Northern Alliance, not the United States. Lindh never took up arms against this country. He never engaged in terrorism; indeed, his commitment to Islam leads him to oppose the targeting of civilians.

John Walker Lindh broke the law. He pleaded guilty to the one crime of which he was guilty -- aiding the Taliban -- and to carrying a gun and hand grenades in the service of that regime's war against the Northern Alliance… The issue, then, is not Lindh's guilt but his sentence. He was ordered to spend 20 years in prison, far longer than comparably situated defendants.

The concept of mercy spans testaments and faiths, and any system of justice requires the embrace of mercy for leavening and legitimacy. In this case, justice has been served… Now Bush is uniquely positioned to grant mercy... By giving Lindh a commutation, Bush could prove that his war is, as he often and properly asserts, not against Islam but against those who seek to harm America.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is being pushed into the public by a major American media outlet. If you didn’t know otherwise, you would think that this was a post at some far-left blog site such as the Daily Kos. –But where to start?

The op-ed admits Lindh was a Taliban fighter caught with grenades and a firearm but asserts that he isn’t really a terrorist, but more of a lost sheep fighting honorably in Afghanistan. Then, in the most infantile, leftist way, brings up Scooter Libby as if he is somehow a far worse criminal than the man known as the "American Taliban" (I guess in the mind of the LA Times, the Libby trial is more important than the war on terror. Go figure.). And with the funniest Twilight Zone whopper ever scribed in a major newspaper, the Times actually says the following: [Lindh] never engaged in terrorism; indeed, his commitment to Islam leads him to oppose the targeting of civilians.

His commitment to Islam led him to oppose targeting civilians… -- Mind-boggling


NYT: Iranian Bomb Kills Troops in Iraq

Okay, enough with the fuckin’ hypotheticals!

Drudge is reporting that the NY Times believes Iran has supplied, once again, weapons that have killed U.S. troops inside of Iraq.

The Iranian regime is directly and indirectly killing American service men and women. –hundreds! Barack Obama and many other people of differing political backgrounds have long clamored about the US going after the real enemy instead of ‘distracting’ ourselves in Iraq. Well, the fact is that Iran is the real enemy and has been literally perpetrating acts of war upon the United States for two years.

Just recently, Obama tried to beef up his national security credentials by mindlessly suggesting that we, by definition, invade our indispensable ally, Pakistan. His reason: a hypothetical situation in which actionable intelligence indicates that terrorist leaders are present and able to be taken out.

I’m sorry to say that the situation with Iran is not hypothetical. THEY ARE KILLING AMERICAN TROOPS! So what the fuck do you, Obama, think about that? Huh! It’s about time that we realize that this war on terror isn’t going away.

-And why is it that no one EVER questions these wannabe presidents on serious issues? We have John Edwards over here getting his thousand-dollar haircuts while Americans are dying at the hands of a regime that is currently building nuclear weapons. All of you idiots (Republican and Democrat) need to get your heads out of your ass and get serious for once.

Update, 11:08pm: New York Times Article.

Cops Seek 'Pros' Who Removed Man's Testicles

If that Star Tribune headline isn't the best of the year, I don’t know what is.

Apparently a Minnesota man was having chronic testicular pain but was unable to convince a medical staff to have them surgically removed. So it seems like he perused the internet and found a few ‘professionals’ to conduct the procedure at his home:
A St. Paul man, complaining of chronic pain, wanted to have his testicles removed. When conventional medical staff refused to do the job, he hired other "professionals" to take off his testicles, according to the search warrant affidavit.

Two or three people operated on the man, Russell Daniel Angus, 62, a couple weeks ago at his home in St. Paul. He was unconscious during the surgery, and when he woke up, his testicles had been removed...

His groin area was bleeding heavily, so he called his daughter. She called for help. When police arrived, they found a makeshift operating room set up in the upper level of the house. There were bright lights, an apparent operating table, medical supplies and equipment, and a camera.

School Kids Told to Write 'Allah is God'

ANGRY parents have blasted a teacher for telling ten-year-olds to copy a Muslim prayer saying “There is no God but Allah”.

Helen Green is said to have picked the Muslim call to prayer as HAND-WRITING practice. It includes the lines “Allah is the greatest” and “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah”.

Pupil Billy Darbyshire’s stepmum Hayley Clayton said: “The explanation was that the children were learning about Islam in RE.

“But this was like he was taking an oath. A Muslim child would never be asked to write a Bible passage. Why didn’t she choose a passage from a normal story book to teach handwriting?”

What Happened to Global Warming?

Every story in the American media runs its course and every public fad generally fades away. And so it is with the greatest bullshit extravaganza ever perpetrated upon the American people.

I think the man-made hysteria over global warming peaked last month and the Gorebots have lost all power to influence the media’s coverage of the issue. Thankfully, I think we’re done.

It was always a futile effort on the part of the global warmers to convince the general public of our impending doom but man, for a while, they were resilient; preaching change and screeching their moral superiority at every opportunity. –But they made the classic mistake of overplaying their hand and now no one takes their overblown rhetoric seriously.

No one bought it!

South Park Sunday (Up the Down Steroid)

Cartman fakes being handicapped and Jimmy takes steroids for the Special Olympics but finds out that cheating is for 'pussies'. Pussies like Barry Bonds.

Last Week's episode: Die Hippie, Die.

Senate Passes Bush Terrorism Spy Bill


WASHINGTON - The Senate, in a high-stakes showdown over national security, voted late Friday to temporarily give President Bush expanded authority to eavesdrop on suspected foreign terrorists without court warrants.

The House, meanwhile, rejected a Democratic version of the bill.

The Bourne Ultimatum Review

In April I posted the first teaser trailer and gave my feelings about the first two Bourne films. Now, I’m headed out to watch the 2:30 showing and when I get back I’ll write the review. (Update: Review added)

It’s gonna be awesome… Matt Damon as

By far the best, most realistic trilogy ever filmed. The story catches up where it left off in The Bourne Supremacy and takes us on a pure action ride of nail-biting, hair-raising, and adrenaline inducing suspense. It does not disappoint.

Bourne treks the world yet again searching for answers; which leads him back to New York… where everything began. And once again he’s pitted against the governmental forces who trained him; against the necessary evil he, himself chose to be part of.

He’s pulled out of hiding by a National Security leak to the Guardian newspaper in England. His identity and the parent operation to that of "Treadstone" is divulged to a reporter, named Simon Ross, who is then contacted by Bourne after he reads the details of the column. The CIA picks up on the leak after Ross uses the flagged NSA operation name on his cell phone. From there the chase for Bourne is on and the trail of Bourne’s past is taken.

And believe me, this isn’t the typical spy thriller (as those who followed the previous movies know). Bourne makes James Bond seem like child’s play.

From the CIA surveillance systems and protocol to the superb fight and chase scenes. This trilogy goes unmatched with regard to realism, intelligence and pure story. -a real movie for real movie goers.

US Proposes Boosting UN Role in Iraq

But with no more money to steal and no dictator to prop up, does the UN care?

The United States and Britain Thursday presented a draft resolution in the UN Security Council to enhance and expanded the role of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).

A copy of the draft resolution obtained by AFP calls for UNAMI's mandate, launched in August 2003, to be extended another year beyond its August 10 expiration date.

The US-British proposal also calls on the UN's representative in Iraq and UNAMI, "as circumstances permit," to "advise, support and assist" the Iraqi government on a range of issues including politics, elections, constitution, justice, economy, human rights and the return of refugees to their homes.

The proposal underscores the "important role" the US-led multinational force has in backing UNAMI, recognizing that "security is essential for UNAMI to carry out its work on behalf of the people of Iraq."

Hooray For Boobies!

…Ahh! Not those boobies!

Did follow Hillary Clinton’s lead with a little cleavage on the House floor, yesterday? Pray to God this isn’t a new trend. (Via Drudge)

Obama Calls for the Invasion of Pakistan

I don’t know if he’s serious or if he’s just pretending to be serious. But either way, it’s a bad idea. -First, Pakistan is an ally… an invaluable ally. Destabilizing Pakistan would be catastrophic for the global war on terror.

Secondly, Pakistan is a nuclear armed country with various factions; some of whom are more than sympathetic to world wide Jihad.

Finally, we already have Special Forces units violating Pakistani sovereignty as we speak. A full out invasion would only exacerbate the problem. -The answer is not invasion with tens of thousands of troops; it’s coercive bombing and black operations rallied by strong intelligence.

In a strikingly bold speech about terrorism Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Sen. called not only for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, but a redeployment of troops into Afghanistan and even Pakistan — with or without the permission of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.

"I understand that President Musharraf has his own challenges," Obama said, "but let me make this clear. There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al Qaeda leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will."

Plus, according to lefty-logic, if Obama is calling for military force, doesn’t he have to join the military first? Because nobody wants to be a chickendove.

Gitmo Inmate Pleads to Stay in US Custody

(Fox News) An inmate of Guantanamo Bay who spends 22 hours each day in an isolation cell is fighting for the right to stay in the notorious internment camp.

Ahmed Belbacha fears that he will be tortured or killed if the United States goes ahead with plans to return him to his native Algeria.

The London Times reported that Belbacha, who lived in Britain for three years, has filed an emergency motion at the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., asking for his transfer out of Guantanamo to be halted. He was cleared for release from Camp Delta in February and his lawyers believe that his return to Algerian custody is imminent.

I'm confused. If Gitmo is run by the 'forces of Stalin' and is a kin to the Soviet Gulags, why on earth would an inmate fight to stay there?