Bombing Mecca

Recently, Republican has been under fire from Democrats and the Bush administration for his comments regarding the bombing of Islamic holy sites to deter nuclear attacks on US soil. –Now, I don’t agree with a lot of what Tancredo has to say but on this issue, he has my support.

In nuclear war you’re damn right I’d bomb the shit out of Mecca... And I’d take it one step further. If one nuclear device goes off in a major US city I would use strategic nuclear strikes on every known terrorist-enemy we have. North Korea is hit. Iran’s nuclear capability core is hit. -Everybody

The Iranian regime (along with every terrorist state) has to know that if a nuclear device is set off in our country, they will suffer the consequences. Because this is what will happen if radical regimes fear no real consequence in this war:

**A plan will be implemented by various terrorist factions; all of whom share the desire to devastate the United States. This plan will have either two or three strategic targets for which 2 to 3 nuclear devices will be set (likely Washington D.C. and New York). The blasts will probably be simultaneous given that our alert level after the first strike would complicate a second detonation at a later time. This attack would occur when most of congress is in Washington as well as the president and his staff (to cripple the government and the presidential line of succession). Given the magnitude of the plot, approval was necessary from top terrorist leaders as well as their backers (Iran and Syria). All of whom, knowing the United States would not retaliate with a nuclear attack, approved the operation.

The carnage would be unbearable and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans will be killed. However, if those same leaders knew without doubt, that the United States would respond with full nuclear force, that approval would have never happened and millions of Americans would still be alive. -I would put the responsibility on those who finance and support terrorism.