The Bourne Ultimatum Review

In April I posted the first teaser trailer and gave my feelings about the first two Bourne films. Now, I’m headed out to watch the 2:30 showing and when I get back I’ll write the review. (Update: Review added)

It’s gonna be awesome… Matt Damon as

By far the best, most realistic trilogy ever filmed. The story catches up where it left off in The Bourne Supremacy and takes us on a pure action ride of nail-biting, hair-raising, and adrenaline inducing suspense. It does not disappoint.

Bourne treks the world yet again searching for answers; which leads him back to New York… where everything began. And once again he’s pitted against the governmental forces who trained him; against the necessary evil he, himself chose to be part of.

He’s pulled out of hiding by a National Security leak to the Guardian newspaper in England. His identity and the parent operation to that of "Treadstone" is divulged to a reporter, named Simon Ross, who is then contacted by Bourne after he reads the details of the column. The CIA picks up on the leak after Ross uses the flagged NSA operation name on his cell phone. From there the chase for Bourne is on and the trail of Bourne’s past is taken.

And believe me, this isn’t the typical spy thriller (as those who followed the previous movies know). Bourne makes James Bond seem like child’s play.

From the CIA surveillance systems and protocol to the superb fight and chase scenes. This trilogy goes unmatched with regard to realism, intelligence and pure story. -a real movie for real movie goers.