When I first heard about the new movie I was ready to blow it off given that the last two major films were the victims of what I call the teenybopper movie movement. –It’s when a classic horror film (or any good film) is brought back not to be scary or suspenseful but simply to appeal to the coveted young teen demographic. (they do this by casting music celebrities who can’t act and so on).

However, I did a complete 180 when I found out that the very talented was not only directing the new “Halloween” but writing it as well. If you’ve seen, “The Devil’s Rejects” or “House of a 1,000 Corpses” you know that Rob Zombie is not the please the adolescent teen filmmaker. He is the extreme, unforgiving violent type. And if there’s one person who can make Michael Myers what he was always meant to be… it’s him.

I can’t wait. Check out the Halloween movie trailer