Huckabee: Fat People Could Lose Us the War

Presidential hopeful Mike “I’ll never get elected because ‘President Huckabee’ sounds too stupid” Huckabee, warned the American people that if we continue to get fat at our current rate, we might not have people to fight the war on terror.

Because we all know that fat people don’t even show up to work… too busy eating. **sigh**

Miss. (AP) - Republican presidential candidate and self-described "recovering foodaholic" Mike Huckabee told Southern governors Saturday that an obesity epidemic could cause serious problems for the American economy, and even for national security.

"Today we hear a lot about the war on terror, how we need to fight it," said Huckabee, who lost 110 pounds several years ago when he was governor of Arkansas. "Let me ask this question: Who's going to fight it in the future if we're a generation so sick that we don't have the capacity to show up for work?"