Kennedy Mentioned in Oil For Food Trial

While the Democrats are busy salivating over the Alberto Gonzales resignation, more reports are out about Senator Kennedy, once again, aiding the enemies of the United States. I’ll let you judge which is more important:

The background story is a tad complicated but basically a Texas oilman named Oscar Wyatt, conspired to use kickbacks to Saddam Hussein as a way to gain favor for lucrative Iraqi oil contracts (through the sham known as the UN Oil for Food Program). Along with providing money to Hussein, Wyatt also offered the former dictator US troop positions and insight on what, at the time, was a possible invasion.

Moreover, he also convinced a US senator to denounce the push for the war in Iraq, in the hopes of keeping Saddam in power and his oil contracts intact. According to reports, the senator he convinced was none other than Edward Kennedy. –Yes, I’m sure you’re all shocked.

Washington Post) The government said in court papers that it is entitled to portray a Texas businessman as so eager to win oil contracts from Saddam Hussein’s government that he told Iraqi officials about the impending U.S. invasion of Iraq and encouraged opposition to the war.

The government argued that jurors should hear about statements that Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. made to win favor with those who handed out lucrative Iraqi oil contracts...

The statements about him were contained in a diary kept by an employee of Iraq’s State Oil Marketing Organization. The diary claims that Wyatt bragged that he had convinced a U.S. senator to speak out against an attack on Iraq… (Reuters) One diary entry states that “Wyatt allegedly convinced Senator Edward Kennedy to deliver a speech against the war with Iraq,”
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