NYT: Iranian Bomb Kills Troops in Iraq

Okay, enough with the fuckin’ hypotheticals!

Drudge is reporting that the NY Times believes Iran has supplied, once again, weapons that have killed U.S. troops inside of Iraq.

The Iranian regime is directly and indirectly killing American service men and women. –hundreds! Barack Obama and many other people of differing political backgrounds have long clamored about the US going after the real enemy instead of ‘distracting’ ourselves in Iraq. Well, the fact is that Iran is the real enemy and has been literally perpetrating acts of war upon the United States for two years.

Just recently, Obama tried to beef up his national security credentials by mindlessly suggesting that we, by definition, invade our indispensable ally, Pakistan. His reason: a hypothetical situation in which actionable intelligence indicates that terrorist leaders are present and able to be taken out.

I’m sorry to say that the situation with Iran is not hypothetical. THEY ARE KILLING AMERICAN TROOPS! So what the fuck do you, Obama, think about that? Huh! It’s about time that we realize that this war on terror isn’t going away.

-And why is it that no one EVER questions these wannabe presidents on serious issues? We have John Edwards over here getting his thousand-dollar haircuts while Americans are dying at the hands of a regime that is currently building nuclear weapons. All of you idiots (Republican and Democrat) need to get your heads out of your ass and get serious for once.

Update, 11:08pm: New York Times Article.