This is How We Win the War in Iraq

Frequent readers know my feelings about the war in Iraq so I won’t get into that again. But it’s important, to me, to express my plan of action in terms of where to go from here (both politically and militarily). Because that’s all I can do! Unfortunately, at this time, I’m not in a position to effect change; if I were, we would have won this war two fuckin’ years ago!

Given that we will never use the extreme overwhelming force necessary to win in Iraq, this is what has to happen. If not, we come out of this with almost nothing (except of course thousands of dead Americans and billions of dollars spent… all the while the damn Iraqi government is on vacation!!!).

***I first posted this plan in May: Now I’m not talking about just sweeping all of the troops out (although, I might be okay with that). I’m talking about falling back to our numerous bases, regrouping, and completely shutting down the borders of Iraq with one-hundred thousand troops. Then we establish a separate country of Kurdistan (granting them full sovereignty) and create a huge base of counter-terrorist operations there. And then with the remaining hundred thousand troops we secure Iraq’s major oil fields and allocate the oil to the government ourselves. No more roaming the streets. No more chasing terrorists. Just regulating the oil and securing the border from enemy-fighter penetration.

We control the oil, we secure and grant sovereignty to Kurdistan, we establish a base of counterterrorism operations there, and we shut down the borders of Iraq. -Everyone is wondering how the hell we can win the war. Well, this is how we do it; the only way to do it. Of course, you can’t get around the fact that Iraqis are going to die but at this point, it doesn’t matter… they are going to die anyway. Those Iraqis willing to fight for their freedom (I mean truly fight for their freedom) is outweighed by terrorists, insurgents, and sectarian struggles. So, let them fight it out! This has been centuries in the making and we (given the lack of overwhelming force and the lack of action on the part of Iraqis) have no business in the middle of it. It’s what’s been coming.

So what does this do for us? – What this does, is it allows the United States to remove American troops from the front line without emboldening the enemy by allowing them, and the entire America-hating world, to use the fact that we withdrew, as surrender propaganda. The media would love that. –they want us to pull out but the second we do, they would praise the underdog terrorist for being able to stymie the mighty American military. More importantly, we would have serious victories; tangible, real victories. Freeing Kurdistan and granting them sovereignty is a victory… we can see it.

Controlling the oil means that we have the power to distribute that oil. No matter the outcome of the sectarian war, the oil will never fall into the hands of Al Qaeda and/or Iranian factions (That is another victory). And by pulling back troops from the battlefield, it allows them to be used to shut down key infiltration spots along the Iraqi border. This, of course, would stem the influx of weapons and enemy-fighters into Baghdad and elsewhere. This, in turn, would limit the scope of the pending sectarian war between the committed sects. Less munitions and fighters means limited violence. Limited violence means a better chance for the Iraqi government to stabilize. –Again, another victory.

With all of these victories to point to, what we have is political change in Washington. The American people will be grateful to those leaders willing to show them some victory instead of total defeat. Yes, they want us out of Iraq but they don’t want us to surrender. –this is clear. They understand that if we continue on the exact same path there will be nothing to cling to, that makes the sacrifices of American troops worth it. I know this to be true. Implementing my plan will give the American people something to hold on to. As long as we have something to point at and say, we fought for this, and it’s real and we have enough victories to better our country, the American people will persevere. -It’s what has to be done.