The Culture of Criminals

AKA, the Democratic Party.

ABC News) Less than a week after turning himself in for a years-old arrest warrant, major Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu failed to appear for a bail hearing today, and a judge issued a new warrant for his arrest.

Since 2004, Hsu has contributed more than $250,000 to Democratic candidates and raised hundreds of thousands more from other donors, according to public records.

Hsu, whose criminal past came to light last week as attention focused on his prodigious fundraising efforts for Democrats, was supposed to turn in his passport at today's hearing.

Hsu reportedly raised well over $1 million for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign by eliciting donations from others and giving generously from his own pockets.

Ten bucks he ends up dead of an apparent suicide… as tends to happen with friends of the Clintons who happen to be in a position to damage them, politically.