More Dangerous Than Al Qaeda

Honestly, do you know what scares me more than terrorism? –Democrats! Specifically, radical liberals; and even more specifically, radical liberals who happen to be viewed as mainstream politicians. And by mainstream, I mean, under-the-radar leftists who the media paints (and the people accept) as being moderate, fresh, or a good force for positive change. People like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, John Kerry, John Murtha (and the far-left they answer to). –These people are more of a threat to our traditional way of life than Osama Bin Laden or the average Johnny “blow-up-kids” Mohammad from down the block. Because if these leaders take office, mark my words, their policies will open the door to every failed leftist ideal in history. –They don’t like the country as it is and they are so self-righteous that they are willing to bring down what makes us great in order to build some hysterical utopian dream.

There is a difference between taking casualties in a terrorist attack and undermining the foundation of the United States of America. -Killing us, on our homeland, will do nothing but strengthen the American spirit (and bring death upon our enemies). However, groups like the left-wing of the Democratic Party, when you shed away the layered rhetoric, are really trying to destroy that spirit and the tradition of the United States. -It’s disgusting. And thinking back, I’m sure this was the reason that I started blogging in the first place. Modern day Liberalism has been working harder, and longer, to destroy this country than Al Qaeda or any other Jihadist group. Not with bombs or terrorist acts, but with unconscionable lies, feverous distortions and the complete indoctrination of the American youth.

From the media, to the university, to Washington D.C., they are better organized, embedded in the population, and even more radicalized. Modern day Liberalism is the religion most responsible for the eroding of the American value system, behavioral foundations, the justice system and most importantly, our national interest. They’re like an infection spreading across our coastline into mainstream America. And make no mistake, they have done more damage to this nation than any terrorist can ever dream of doing.