What have I learned over the last six years?

I’ve learned that the leaders of the Democratic Party are worse than most enemies of the United States; including Al Qaeda. We can expect terrorists to work to damage our nation but when our own political leaders invest in defeat and share, in many ways, the same objectives as Osama Bin Laden, we can never forgive that treason. -And I won’t

I’ve also learned that the Bush administration hasn’t the will to win the war on terror and in particular, the war in Iraq. The complete mismanagement of the Iraqi conflict has cost the lives of American troops and has severely hurt our efforts to wage this global war. –It could have been fixed and because it wasn’t, I say shame on you, Mr. President

More importantly, however, I’ve come to realize that the American people are tired of seeing the failed policies of the administration and tired of having to witness the treachery of the Democratic Party. I’ve learned that we need real leaders.