Expose the Left

I don’t read too many major Republican blogs given that most of them are total shit. They’re not as bad as left-wing blogs, of course, but I find their readership completely asinine. However, there are a few, out of the dozens, that I read regularly. One of those (at least before he opened his site for readers to post material) was Ace of Spades. Ace is freakin hilarious and his sarcasm is only something that I wish I could emulate. -Now his blog sucks, but he still is my favorite blogger.

Another of my favorites is the self-titled website, "Ian Schwartz". Some of you might remember Ian from "Expose the Left". That website, by far, was the best Republican site on the Internet. Unfortunately, he shut it down to take a chance with what was then a startup site called Hot Air. You can’t blame the guy because if Michelle Malkin comes calling, you pretty much take the opportunity. -The only reason I started reading Hot Air was because I followed Ian there.

A few months ago he left Allah, Bryan (he’s cool) and Michelle to restart his solo career. But what Hot Air did (in my opinion) was basically rip off Ian’s nitch of Republican video blogging and tried to make it their own. And with Michelle’s clout they pretty much took it over; although, Ian is slowing building a new, substantial readership with great video posts. So, I hope everyone checks out Ian’s new site. And if you comment, let him know OPN sent you.

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