Fuck Paramount Pictures

I spend $800 on a new Playstation 3 (with accessories). I spend way over a grand on a new flat-panel HD television. I spend a shit load of cash on a HD surround sound system. -All in anticipation of gaming in High Def and watching the latest movies like, ””, on Blu-Ray (the best High Def video system you can get).

But leave it to a movie studio to fuck over thousands of movie goers in a gamble to save a few bucks. –Paramount dropped their support for Blu-ray disc a few months ago, expecting the war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD to end with HD-DVD on top. This means that “Transformers”, a Paramount picture, will not be released on Blu-ray disc. Which pisses me off because one of the main reasons I bought all of this technology was because I wanted to watch “Transformers” and capture the great experience of watching the film in theaters.

By far, “Transformers” (next to watching the Matrix for the first time) was the best experience I’ve ever had watching a movie. It was incredible and the first thing I thought after seeing it was: Shit! I have to get a new TV and HD player because I have to see this thing like it was meant to be.

But now I’m forced to see the DVD-release commercials for “Transformers” and hear the voiceover announce, “Available only on DVD or exclusively on, HD-DVD”. -The movie comes out on the 16th, the previews look awesome, and I’m sitting here with my thumb up my ass 'cause of some studio executive. –You fuckin’ bastards.