I Want to Believe; I Have to Believe

A lot of people have been making fun of Dennis Kucinich for his comment about seeing a UFO while visiting a friend’s house. I, for one, think that Kucinich is a complete idiot in need of a good ass kicking… but in this case I happen to understand where he’s coming from.

About two months ago while working security at a Maloof beer factory here in Las Cruces; I saw what I can only explain as being a UFO hovering not 300 yards away from me. Usually when I see what appears to be strange lights in the sky it always turns out to be a helicopter or some type of airplane. And that’s exactly what ran through my head when I first saw this orange glow.

However, to my shock, as the object floated closer I knew right away that whatever this was, it was not an aircraft known to the public. I didn’t even look like an aircraft at all. It literally looked like a ball of fire about the size of a large vehicle. It slowly descended to a height just over a nearby light post and stopped dead in front of me at about 50 yards.

Now at this point my heart is racing and I’m pretty much unable to move. But the first actual thought that popped in my mind was grab my phone to try to get a picture of what I was seeing. I reached, with my left hand, to the bottom of my left front pocket and quickly pulled out my cell phone. I scrambled to set the picture function on the phone while reaching an arm out to line up for the shot. At this point, the object had been hovering for a good ten seconds.

I swear that it recognized what I was doing because as soon as I took the picture, the object drew back slowly at a 45 degree angle and then shot straight up at a speed I’ve never seen. Before I could fully focus on its direction, the object had traveled so far that it was out of sight. -This was an experience that I will never forget. The rest of the night I was extremely confused and my adrenaline had peaked.

I know without doubt that what I witnessed was a UFO. This wasn’t a shape off in the distance… this was right in front of my face. What comforts me after the event, is knowing that I live in Southern New Mexico. Here in Cruces we have White Sands Missile Range. Just East of us is Holloman Air Force Base (home of the F-117 Stealth Fighter); as well as Roswell, NM. And of course, to the north is the Los Alamos National Laboratory. So, maybe what I saw was some type of top secret project… but as I said, I doubt it.