MSM: Bush Sucks, Gore is Awesome

So there:

As one would have thought, the media used Gore’s sham of a Nobel Prize victory to childishly attack the Bush administration. Not even grade schoolers are this pathetic.

US newspapers Saturday hailed Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against climate change, saying it showed up failings of President George W. Bush in the seven years since he beat Gore to the White House.

"For more than 20 years, Mr. Gore persisted in the face of intense skepticism and criticism with his warnings about the impact of global warming on the planet," the Washington Post wrote, hailing the award as "vindication". It interpreted Gore's as "yet another perceived rebuff to the unpopular president."

"Mr. Bush's inaction on climate change is one of the major failings of his presidency," it said.

But what about the New York Times and LA Times? Surely, they’ll have something to say about how Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize is a slap in the face to all of those people who are actually risking their lives for peace:

"It shouldn't have to be left to a private citizen -- even one so well known as Mr. Gore… [to] champion solutions to a problem that endangers the entire planet," the New York Times argued in Saturday's edition.

"That should be, and must be the job of governments. And governments -- above all the Bush administration -- have failed miserably."

The view was echoed in the Los Angeles Times, where opinion columnist Jonathan Chai wrote: "Gore's triumph is a measure of George W. Bush's disrepute."

Ah, yes. Leave it to the MSM and the Nobel jackweeds to care more about trying to poke President Bush in the eye, than they care about "peace" and a better future. But at least one major media outlet did the right thing:

The Wall Street Journal in its Nobel editorial meanwhile made no mention of Gore but gave a list of worthy non-winners, such as the monks who led recent pro-democracy protests in Myanmar, and people braving danger to rebuild Iraq.